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COVID Doom Coming Or Something

They just won’t give up on the fear porn ‘The worst version’ of COVID is spreading. Can we update our vaccines in time? For the last 18 months, the original COVID-19 vaccines — first as a two-dose series, then as boosters — have done an extraordinary job shielding us from illness, hospitalization and death. Globally, […]

If All You See…

…is a sea wall meant to fight off sea rise from man-caused climate change, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Doug Ross @ Journal, with a post on the top 20 tweets.

Good News, Supreme Court Rules Against EPA On ‘Climate Change’

This is a pretty big decision, potentially more than the Dobbs decision, as it can seriously impact the administrative state Supreme Court says EPA does not have authority to set climate standards for power plants The Supreme Court on Thursday ruled the Environmental Protection Agency does not have authority to set standards on climate-changing greenhouse […]

NY Court Upholds Block Of Natural Gas Power Plant

Well, New Yorkers, you kinda voted for this when you voted in Democrats as the majority, with 106 Dems to 43 Republicans and 1 Independent. When you vote Democrat for Governor, and they appoint people who make sure “dirty” energy (which is reliable, dependable, and affordable) is killed off. Don’t be surprised when your power […]

Consumer Expectations Falls To 9 Year Low

Who was president 9 years ago? And who was the VP? Consumer expectations fall to 9-year low as inflation weighs on Americans The Conference Board’s latest reading on consumer confidence showed consumer expectations in June fell to their lowest level since 2013. The Conference Board’s consumer confidence index for June fell to 98.7 from 103.2 in May, […]

The World Will Need To Invent Lots Of Things To Deal With Climate Crisis (scam) Or Something

None of these things really exist yet, just like how most of the current things aren’t viable. But, really, we don’t need any unicorn farts and pixie dust, the solution is right there: all who believe that the slight temperature increase since 1850 is mostly/solely the fault of Mankind needs to give up their own […]

If All You See…

…is an area flooded by carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Diogenes’ Middle Finger, with a post on the Saudis giving Biden the finger.

California To Send Out Inflation Relief Check, Increasing Inflation

This is meant to fight high gas prices. What happens when you “prime the pump” with even more stimulus during times of inflation? You get more inflation. Which doesn’t matter to the Democrats in Sacramento, they see a way to buy the support of Californians come election time, because most of the electeds are rich […]

Portland Is Taking On Climate Doom Causing Concrete

It would probably be in Portland’s best interest to take on things like their rising crime rate. Neighborhood Scout rates them as a 3, meaning they are safer than just 3% of U.S. cities. That is not good. Not good at all. They’re still down a lot of police officers, and more are leaving. The […]

Biden’s HHS Head Unveils Abortion Plan Or Something

The Yahoo front page blurb for the article is Biden’s health secretary unveils abortion ‘action plan‘, which both Yahoo and ABC changed the headline. The URL’s sat But, I guess they thought “um, they don’t actually have a plan Biden’s health secretary tells reporters ‘there is no magic bullet’ on abortion Health Secretary […]

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