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It’s Show Your Stripes Of Climate Doom Day Or Something

It’s another day for climate cultists to climavirtue signal while making almost no changes in their own lives #ShowYourStripes Day seeks to spread climate change awareness The recent temperatures in Minnesota have felt like late August, but Tuesday marks the official start to summer. It’s the summer solstice, so you’ll see plenty of sun as […]

If All You See…

…is the logo of the cheating Astros, who should have lost the title, you might just be a Dodgers fan The blog of the day is Bunkerville, with a post on how the whole seizing Russian yachts is going

U.S. Navy Is Super Excited To Teach About Pronouns And Create Safe Spaces

The Navy has one job: protect the U.S. from our enemies, and anything that doesn’t help the mission hurts the mission. This whole going Woke crap hurts the mission, and you can bet our enemies are laughing their asses off WATCH: The Navy is training its members to create a "safe space" by using proper […]

Washington Post Wants To Regulate “Carbon” As A Toxic Substance Or Something

Well, let’s start with the carbon footprint of the Washington Post, what say? It’s not like plants need CO2, right? From the wacko mind of Eugene Robinson To stop climate change, regulate carbon as a toxic substance Because of human activity, there is more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than at any time in the […]

Bummer: Even Democrats Blame Biden For Inflation

Look, again, I’ll honestly say it is not all Biden’s fault. The original fault starts with China for screwing around with coronaviruses. Oh, and people like Anthony Fauci and the NIH for funding gain of function research. However, Biden’s policies and threats of policies, along with the intention from him and his people have made […]

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