Washington Post Wants To Regulate “Carbon” As A Toxic Substance Or Something

Well, let’s start with the carbon footprint of the Washington Post, what say? It’s not like plants need CO2, right? From the wacko mind of Eugene Robinson

To stop climate change, regulate carbon as a toxic substance

Because of human activity, there is more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than at any time in the past 4 million years. We have increased the concentration of that heat-trapping gas by a full 50 percent since the Industrial Revolution. And last year’s carbon emissions of 36.3 billion tons set a new record.

There’s your status report on the battle against climate change: By any scientific measurement, we’re losing.

Yet we have to find a way to snatch an acceptable victory from the closing jaws of defeat, because the consequences of runaway climate change are no longer theoretical. Yellowstone National Park is closed, following unprecedented torrential rainfall that washed out roads and perhaps permanently altered the landscape. Western states are suffering through a mega-drought that has made the nation’s biggest reservoirs look like drained bathtubs; water rationing is inevitable. Around the world, deadly summer heat waves have arrived early, in the spring. Sea-level rise is evident in video clips of beachside homes crumbling into the surf.

Rain happens. There’s always something going on. Don’t build houses in areas where the islands shift. Barrier islands do that. Droughts happen.

“We should have started taking action decades ago. That’s the best time,” James Hansen, one of the world’s leading climate experts and the former head of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, told me last week. “The second-best time is now.”

Hansen is among a group of scientists who are trying a novel approach to force our government to act more boldly. On Thursday, they filed an official petition with the Environmental Protection Agency seeking to require the EPA to regulate carbon under existing legislation, the Toxic Substances Control Act.

Let’s start by applying this to all the news outlets and Elites who pimp this stuff but don’t walk the talk.

By law, the EPA has 90 days to respond with a determination as to whether carbon dioxide, methane and other heat-trapping gases pose “an unreasonable risk of injury to health or the environment” under the Toxic Substances Control Act, which was signed into law in 1976 and updated in 2016.

Well, you know how this is going to end, considering that the EPA has been infested with hardcore doomsday cultists

Deciding that carbon dioxide is a toxic substance as defined by law would only be a first step. The EPA would have to formulate and implement rules that could, for example, impose a fee on carbon emissions — and also require companies to remove carbon from the atmosphere they have already expelled.

And then there would be tons of lawsuits, which the EPA would most likely lose. These people are just nuts.

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