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Aussie Climate Minister Calls ‘Climate Change’ A Luxury Issue For Voters

She’s 100% correct, but, people are mad that she let the cat out of the bag The Shadow Assistant Minister For Climate Change Says It’s A “Luxury Issue” For Voters Shadow Assistant Minister for Climate Change and Energy Hollie Hughes reckons that climate change is a “luxury issue” for voters. Hughes was given the role […]

If All You See…

…is an area turning to desert because Other People eat meat, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is No Tricks Zone, with a post on the global surface temperature having cooled .5C since 2016.

Dem Don Beyer To Introduce Massive Tax On Scary Rifle And Big Magazine Purchases

Remember, Democrats say they only want to stop the Bad People from having scary guns. And then in the next breath they say they want to stop law abiding from getting scary guns A House Democrat plans to introduce a bill that would hit AR-15’s with a 1,000% tax — and it could pass Congress […]

High Flying John Kerry Says Coal Needs To Go, Ukraine War No Excuse

Well, it’s easy for John Kerry to say this: he’s rich, high energy prices do not effect him, and the taxpayers pay for quite a bit of his energy use, like the cost of jet fuel to fly to Bonn Bonn climate conference: Ukraine war no excuse for prolonging coal, Kerry warns The US envoy […]

Bad News For Biden: Economic Issues Top Poll For Midterms

Surprise? Pretty much everyone but Biden, his elected Democrat Comrades, and his wackadoodle base know this. If they really think running on gun grabbing and abortion on demand will be the ticket to hold the House and Senate, well, they’re dumber than you think Economic issues top the public’s agenda: POLL As the midterm election […]

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