Aussie Climate Minister Calls ‘Climate Change’ A Luxury Issue For Voters

She’s 100% correct, but, people are mad that she let the cat out of the bag

The Shadow Assistant Minister For Climate Change Says It’s A “Luxury Issue” For Voters

st greta carShadow Assistant Minister for Climate Change and Energy Hollie Hughes reckons that climate change is a “luxury issue” for voters.

Hughes was given the role as part of new Liberal leader Peter Dutton’s new shadow ministry last week and has somehow already managed to shit on her own portfolio.

In an interview with ABC News Breakfast on Monday, Hughes acknowledged the fact that climate change was a key issue for voters in the 2022 Federal Election, but suggested those who turned on the Liberal Party won’t care so much about it when the cost of living continues to rise.

“I think climate change was something that a lot of voters were focused on,” said Hughes.

“But I think what’s gonna happen as you move forward, and people start to get inflationary pressures, start to see their mortgage rates increase, they start to see this increased spending by this new Labor government that’s gonna put pressure on our AAA credit rating, which does flow through the economy then, and when you look at increased power prices, some of those issues that were looked at as, sort of, you know — they’re almost like a luxury issue for some people.”

People might think ‘climate change’ is important in theory, but, when you match it up against real world issues its importance comes in very low. Further, when the Government starts doing stuff which costs citizens money, freedom, and life choices, it tends to suddenly become very important that government stop. Australia has been bouncing back and forth between government being too involved then voting them out for ones who aren’t interested in doing much of anything over the past 20 years. The only ones who really, really want climate action in practice are politicians, bureaucrats, and rich folks who can afford this garbage, who won’t see their lifestyles diminished.

“Because people of Wentworth probably aren’t going to the petrol bowser and looking at those numbers tick over, whereas I can tell you that people out in Cabramatta are very much looking at those numbers tick over when they’re at the bowser. So, those cost-of-living pressures are going to have a very significant impact on voters’ intentions, I think, going forward.”

Many climate cult politicians think that implementing policies that drive up the cost of gas, oil, coal, and natural gas and the products that use them will drive people to embrace “green” energy, but, no, the opposite. So, yes, ‘climate change’ is a luxury issue.

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  1. H says:

    Joe Biden raises world oil price to 120$ per barrel
    Fossil fuel prices are SKYROCKETING
    Teach thinks Saudi oil minister is trying to cram EVs down his throat

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