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Biden Holds Climate Crisis Scam Call As Gas Prices Surge

The call was scheduled to be at 830am, before he took the weekend off, heading to Delaware at 11:55am, a trip that would include a fossil fueled helicopter than many fossil fueled SUVs Biden hosts climate meeting amid high gas price pressure President Joe Biden, who has recently been focused on boosting oil production to reduce rising […]

If All You See…

…is an evil manicured lawn sucking up too much water, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Geller Report, with a post on yet another food processing plant going up in flames.

NY Times Says Coming Economic Pain Is Going To Hurt

The economy is pretty much the first thing on everyone’s mind, right? In the mind’s of the Trump Deranged Media, it’s January 6, which are the top 5 stories on the NY Times webpage this morning. Then a big block of Ukraine stories. Then, finally, This Is Going to Hurt Kat Johnston didn’t expect the […]

Republican AGs Take On SEC Over Climate Crisis (scam) Financial Disclosure Rule

The next step will certainly be a lawsuit GOP attorneys general push back against SEC climate change disclosure initiative Two dozen GOP attorneys general wrote to the Securities and Exchange Commission on Wednesday claiming a proposed rule would promote “policy preferences far afield of the Commission’s market-focused domain.” “This effort reflects agency mission creep of […]

Cornyn Walks On Senate Gun Deal, Says He’s Done

Did the GOP actually think the Democrats would demand more and more? GOP, Dem Senate bargainers divided over gun deal details Democratic and Republican senators were at odds Thursday over how to keep firearms from dangerous people as bargainers struggled to finalize details of a gun violence compromise in time for their self-imposed deadline of […]

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