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Brandon Wants To Force Millions Of Cars Off The Road

See, none of this will affect him or the upper upper middle class or rich folks, just the poor and (shrinking) middle class Joe Biden Plans to Take ‘Millions of Cars Off the Road’ to Reduce Oil Consumption President Joe Biden on Wednesday again promoted his infrastructure dreams of taking people out of their gas-powered […]

If All You See…

…is a holiday with lots of gifts and travel which is Bad for ‘climate change’, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Chicks On The Right, with a post on AOC complaining she can’t start a family on her $174K a year salary.

Liberal Gun Grabbing Groups Are Fine With Modest Gun Package, As It’s A “Step Forward”

And you know that “a step forward” means “we get this through, then something else, then something else, and pretty soon we have made it really, really difficult for law abiding citizen to own and carry firearms” Liberal gun control groups back bipartisan Senate bill despite modest provisions The bipartisan gun bill on track to pass […]

Climate Crisis (scam) Reporting Can Momentarily Change Minds, You Know

The question here is “why are news reporters publishing propaganda?” Of course, it doesn’t tend to stick, because Doing Something may be popular in theory, but, not practice, especially when real world issue intrude Study finds climate change reporting can momentarily change minds Accurate climate change reporting has the power to change minds if only […]

Brandon Demands Gas Stations Lower Prices Or Something

Unfortunately, independently owned gas stations cannot afford to operate at a loss, unlike the federal government. Still wondering why the elected Republicans do not offer legislation requiring Biden to give up his fossil fueled travel, especially for his weekends off, as well as for his staff and appointed officials, till 87 gas goes below $3.00 […]

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