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Biden’s Gas Prices Continue Going Up, Refinery Capability Comes Into Play

In case the news missed it, this was intentional, as the climate cult and extreme-enviros wanted to get rid of refineries. It doesn’t matter if you drill baby drill if you can’t do anything with it Gas prices surge again to record high but the driver is refineries, not oil prices Another week, another record […]

If All You See…

…is the flag of a nation that will soon be a hot weather beach destination, just like the Caribbean, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Real Climate Science, with a post on Poland developing a high tech power source.

Bummer: Apex, NC Cancels Drag Queen Story Hour

It just goes to show that even in North Carolina this insanity is spreading, in that they would even consider having a drag queen story hour for young children After complaints, Apex planners cancel Drag Queen Story Hour event during Pride Month Event planners in Apex are getting backlash for canceling a Drag Queen Story […]

Bad News: Moose Population Is Booming Due To ‘Climate Change’

This is all your fault, you know Moose population boom, linked to climate change, inspires some hunting changes In southwestern Alaska, where there is a mix of tundra, mountains, forests and river-crossed terrain, there has been a rapid transformation in the wildlife. In the Togiak National Wildlife Refuge specifically, the moose population has increased a […]

With Economy Going Downhill Fast, Biden To Finally Speak For Real To Americans

Oh, not with a press conference. He won’t answer questions even from a mostly compliant White House press corp Joe Biden to Break 119+ Days of Press Silence with Jimmy Kimmel ‘Live’ Interview Disney to the rescue! President Joe Biden will finally break 120 days of self-imposed press silence Wednesday when he grants a sit […]

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