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If All You See…

…is the need to live in tall buildings due to carbon pollution driven sea rise, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Geller Report, with a post on the massacre at Woke Netflix. Double shot to clear the folder below the fold, check out Gen Z Conservative, with a post […]

Young Warmists Want Greenwich To Declare Climate Emergency

I have an idea for this Students Ask Greenwich Selectmen To Declare Climate Change Emergency GREENWICH, CT — In an effort to demand action on climate change both locally and at the state level, a group of residents went before the Greenwich Board of Selectmen this week to ask the town to adopt a resolution […]

LGB: Consumer Sentiment Falls To Lowest Level Ever

Again, the primary cause of all the economic trouble is China fooling around with coronaviruses, with an assist from Fauci and the NIH. Then, along come Joe Biden, who’s not only done little to mitigate the economic issues, but, worked to damage certain areas of the economy Consumer sentiment falls to record low in June […]

Bummer: California’s Climate Scam Plan Pleases Few

They should have asked me. It would start with requiring all state government operations to stop using fossil fuels. For the first year this would apply to all elected state officials, their staffs, and appointed positions. And they cannot turn the heat up higher than 65 or the AC below 82. After that, we’ll start […]

Abortion Will Still Be Legal In NC, But, There Will Be A Change

Even if the Republican dominated general assembly wanted to put in big restrictions or and abortion on demand, anything they pass will require the Democratic Party governor to approve it, which won’t happen, and the GOP doesn’t quite have enough seats for a super majority. They could attempt to get it on the ballot as […]

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