Abortion Will Still Be Legal In NC, But, There Will Be A Change

Even if the Republican dominated general assembly wanted to put in big restrictions or and abortion on demand, anything they pass will require the Democratic Party governor to approve it, which won’t happen, and the GOP doesn’t quite have enough seats for a super majority. They could attempt to get it on the ballot as a referendum for a constitutional amendment, though

Abortion is still legal in NC. Here’s what the law says

Abortion remains legal in North Carolina under state law even with Friday’s U.S. Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade.

North Carolina law says abortions during the first 20 weeks of pregnancy are lawful and that abortions after the 20th week of pregnancy are lawful if there is a medical emergency. That can only be changed if the state General Assembly changes state statutes and the governor signs that legislation into law or if a gubernatorial veto is overridden.

In 2019, a federal court extended the right to obtain an abortion in North Carolina beyond the 20-week deadline through the point of viability. The ruling in the case, Bryant v. Woodall, was based on Roe v. Wade and subsequent court rulings.

The impact of Friday’s Dobbs decision on that ruling which allows for abortions after 20 weeks but before the point of viability in North Carolina will need to be determined, the attorney general’s office said in a statement.

Most likely, NC law will be fully reinstated, and no abortions beyond 20 weeks except in real medical emergencies. Hey, maybe liberals practicing irresponsible, unprotected sex will realize there are these things called contraceptives?

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Vows Access to Abortions for Troops After Roe v. Wade Overturn

Shouldn’t the DOD be teaching and demanding responsible behavior from their service members?

If it’s not in the Constitution specifically, it’s left to the States and the People. One side benefit will be liberals deciding to not move from to Red states because they’ve ruined Blue states, and for the ones who already escaped Blue states to move back, taking their leftist crazy with them.

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3 Responses to “Abortion Will Still Be Legal In NC, But, There Will Be A Change”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    How can any conservative continue to live in a state that permits baby murder? Time to move to West Virginia!

    In all the forced birth states, once electrical activity in the baby’s heart is detected, the male donor (daddy) must start paying child support and his insurance is billed for 50% of medical.

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      So now in the typically leftist tyrannical fashion you get to select where free citizens get to live and who will pay for having children and when. Even before they’re born.

      Oddly I can agree if you agree that all leftists must pay a gun tax every year to pay for free guns for pro gun people. After all, owning and carrying a gun is a constitutional right. An abortion is not.

      You commies are just tied in knots because the SC ruled you can’t just declare the murder of babies law for everyone and you can’t tell citizens they have no right to “bear arms”.

      It’s so much fun watching you little bitches squeal like the pigs you are.

      Never underestimate how deeply, and how many, truly believe “the message.”.

      “In many ways, nonsense is a more effective organizing tool than the truth. Anyone can believe in the truth. To believe nonsense is an unforgettable demonstration of loyalty. I point to Hairy & Dowd (sounds like a fruit basket company on the West Coast) as an example. It serves as a political uniform. And if you have a uniform, you have an army.” C. Yarvin.

      I have said it here before but today is an appropriate time to reiterate. The modern left of the 21st century is morally indistinguishable from that of the 20th century. No, they may not particularly care about the plight of German workers or rail against land owning peasants in Ukraine and Hubei or want to put city dwellers to work reviving the ancient canal system. But, the specifics of their policy proposals are actually irrelevant to them whether they are Nazis, Soviets, CCP, Khmer Rouge, INGSOC or the fascist modern Democrat Party. The governing philosophy is absolute power by a small ruling class, the idea that objective reality is whatever the ruling class declares it to be, and that humans can be remade by this ruling class in their own image. In this philosophy, all who disagree in even the smallest thought must be destroyed. Any opposition carries with it the seed of the destruction of the ruling class, and must be ruthlessly uprooted.

      In 1928, the Nazis weren’t committing genocide. A small business owner in Berlin might have simply liked the idea of national renewal. Few could imagine of themselves that in a few years they would be eagerly murdering millions of people. In 1909, the future communists of the Soviet Union were not committing genocide. Most were drinking coffee and vodka in cafes in St Petersburg and Paris and sported goatees. In 1924, future Maoists were a small group of intellectuals who had never physically harmed a soul. And in 1962, none of the Cambodian intellectuals studying on the Sorbonne could ever have imagined that 15 years later they would be literally tying plastic bags over the heads of peasants and workers to save money on bullets. Modern leftists are still unaware that their entire political philosophy is comparable. In their quest for absolute power, there is no limiting moral factor. Like their 20th century leftist forebears, when the time comes to murder tens of millions of people, they will be as morally unrestrained as their Nazi, Soviet, CCP and Khmer Rouge comrades were before. And they will surely eliminate any and all opposition even YOU!

      This was created by American democommies:

      Like physical attraction can’t be negotiated, integrity can’t be legislated. That’s why Dowdists and communists and similar immoral people won’t compromise. They can’t, it’s not in their DNA. Stop believing the Dowds and their commie friends will spare you or me. They won’t. They will be dining at The French Laundry while our families are tried and executed for voting a way they do not approve.

      “The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.” ? George Orwell, 1984

      Which is why Dowdists and communists look a an unborn child and want to kill it and look at a law abiding citizen and wants to disarm him. If what they see disagrees with what is actual reality they dismiss the reality because that’s what the party demands.

      FJB and his jerkoff followers.

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