Here We Go: Climate Cult Already Linking End Of Roe To ‘Climate Change’

It really didn’t take them that long at all, because, really, the hardcore abortion supporters are also the hardcore Warmists

Yeah, a piece from last year

When Hurricane Ida barreled through Louisiana last month, its 149 mph winds didn’t just ravage the state’s power grid and leave residents cooking in sweltering heat — they also took two of the Pelican State’s three abortion clinics offline.

From a reproductive health perspective, the storm couldn’t have come at a worse time — just days after a Texas law effectively banned abortions and sent hundreds of people over state lines looking for care. (snip)

Now, with the Supreme Court weighing two abortion-related challenges this term, reproductive rights advocates fear that the story of Hurricane Ida and Texas’ S.B. 8 could soon be repeated on a national scale as climate change intensifies extreme weather, creating even more hurdles for the 615,000 women the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says seek abortions annually.

Hurricane Ida is just the most recent example of how natural disasters fueled by climate change can limit access to abortion — a procedure that must be precisely timed due to legal restrictions. In 2017, both Hurricane Harvey and California wildfires, including the Tubbs Fire, also forced abortion clinics to close and left people scrambling for care at the last minute. (snip)

But health care advocates have long sounded the alarm on the ways in which climate change could decrease access to medical care more broadly, and reproductive health care is no exception.

Indeed, a recent White House National Strategy on Gender Equity and Equality lists climate change, and its impact on health care for women and girls, as one of 10 key “interconnected priorities.” It discusses how climate change, through increased prevalence of heat waves and natural disasters, poses a unique threat to pregnancy, and adds: “Climate-related disasters hinder access to essential services, including sexual and reproductive health care.”

No matter the issue, the climate cult wants in on it.

Her clients face all sorts of financial pressures in seeking abortions, beyond just the cost of the procedure itself. Many must travel long distances, particularly if they are seeking care further along in their pregnancy and must either take two trips to the clinic or find a place to stay far from home during the 72-hour waiting period. Many also must secure child care and find a family member or support person to come to the procedure with them.

If you cannot afford it, perhaps you should be practicing responsible, protected sexual congress. And, yes, almost every case is someone making poor life choices

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8 Responses to “Here We Go: Climate Cult Already Linking End Of Roe To ‘Climate Change’”

  1. The catholic but not Catholic Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Missouri women are fortunate that Illinois is next door. Thousands of Missouri women have traveled from St Louis city and county 20 miles east into Fairview Heights IL. Perhaps the Missouri legislature can ban travel to Illinois to obtain an abortion.

  2. D3F1ANT says:

    There are still plenty of places woman can go to have abortions if they’re so bad at planning ahead. This isn’t the end of abortion at all. What a mountain from a molehill.

    • david7134 says:

      A comparison was made to Europe and other left countries. Guess what? Abortions are restricted in these utopias just like here.

  3. st says:

    Breaking News – Supreme Court strikes down Roe v. Wade – Fox News Video

  4. The catholic but not Catholic Elwood P. Dowd says:

    State level American Fascist Party (formerly GOP) legislators are working on ways to restrict women leaving their home state to get an abortion in a permissive state.

    Some are attempting legislation punishing anyone who assists a woman in obtaining an abortion.

    Also they are trying to ban medical abortions (from FDA approved medicines).

    • CarolAnn says:

      We are not doing any of those things. You are a liar or your sources are liars. We are working on ways to try and accommodate those who have medical need for abortions and those who need help including medical help and counseling regarding the needs and ramifications of abortion.

      WE are not busy trying to stir up hate, lies, innuendo and misinformation but rather we are trying to forge a new and Constitutional way to approach this important subject.

      You might not realize it Mr. Dowd but LIVES depend on logic and compassion here not politics and the usual hysteria promoted by the left. Aborted babies are humans (follow the science) and this gives ALL of us the chance to make our thoughts and feelings known about this human problem. You are not helping by spreading falsehoods and lies. You are not helping by calling people with whom you disagree fascists because they don’t vote the way you want.

      I thought you believed in democracy? What could be more democratic than allowing the people of each state to decide for themselves? What are you afraid of? Saving babies lives? Does that make you mad?

      You really need to control your emotions you sound and act like a 16 year old girl sometimes.

      • The Liberal but not libertarian Elwood P. Dowd says:


        You should try to keep up with what your men are doing.

        Do you agree with your men that a 12 yr old impregnated by rape should be forced to carry the fetus to term?

        You should talk with an actual 16 yr old girl sometime and see what she thinks about this development.

        Are you opposed to women in Missouri driving 20 mi into Illinois for an abortion?

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