Bummer: Apex, NC Cancels Drag Queen Story Hour

It just goes to show that even in North Carolina this insanity is spreading, in that they would even consider having a drag queen story hour for young children

After complaints, Apex planners cancel Drag Queen Story Hour event during Pride Month

Event planners in Apex are getting backlash for canceling a Drag Queen Story Hour event, one of several activities planned for the upcoming Apex Pride Festival.

June is Pride Month, and events supporting and celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community are planned across the state and around the country.

What the heck does the A stand for? Weren’t they adding the I just last week? Is it for absurd?

On Saturday, a week before the June 11 Apex Pride Festival, Apex Mayor Jacques Gilbert shared the news that the festival’s Drag Queen Story Hour program was canceled.

Gilbert said he received a “variety of feedback” about the event from Apex citizens, which he shared with the Apex Festival Commission. The Apex Festival Commission took the feedback into consideration and removed the drag queens from the program, Gilbert explained.

Who’s the wacko who approved this in the first place? They should be promoted to customer. Because they have no place working for government.

The mayor’s Facebook post announcing that Drag Queen Story Hour had been canceled received hundreds of comments.

One parent wrote, “This was THE Pride event I was planning to attend with my toddler. Very disappointed in the event organizers who were swayed by hateful, misguided comments.”

Her toddler? Child services should pay her a visit, at least in a sane world.

Another wrote, “So disappointed with this decision. This is the exact opposite of supporting and showing love to our LGBTQIA+ community. Shameful decision by all involved.”

It’s about not subjecting young children to what always turns into adults with mental health issues teaching the kids about adult sexual issues.

In 2020, Brittany Vann Hogin, an organizer with Raleigh’s chapter, explained, “There are all different kinds of people of different races, different sexualities and different identities, and our goal is that these kids see themselves in someone else – whether it’s a storybook character or one of our queens.”

They’re young kids. They do not need to know this stuff. Let them be kids. Stop grooming them.

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2 Responses to “Bummer: Apex, NC Cancels Drag Queen Story Hour”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    Damn. Now where will people go to groom their kids while signaling their own virtue?

  2. Jl says:

    “Pride month”. One would think if you’re really proud, you wouldn’t need a march or a month..

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