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Who’s Up For A $6 National Gas Average?

Everything Biden and his Democrat Comrades are doing is working great, right? Except, this is not a policy failure, it’s an intended consequence Experts warn we could see national average of $6 gas by August The average gas price in North Carolina stands at $4.32 per gallon on Wednesday. Experts are now saying we could […]

If All You See…

…is a horrid White Claw, the sign of gentrification which is bad for the climate, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is If You are Left Your Ain’t Right, with a post on all hate crimes being equal, except when they’re not.

LGB: Shoppers Change Habits In Face Of Inflation

I’ll say it again: it’s not all Joe Biden’s fault. The primary cause is China’s coronavirus. This is hitting other nations. The U.K. just hit a 9% rise in the consumer price index, the most since 1992. They’re even saying that thousands of fish and chips shops could close. But, Biden’s policies are making it […]

Your Fault: Ocean Currents Speeding Up From Hotcoldwetdry

Wait, didn’t they tell us that the ocean currents were all slowing down? I mean, like, just tell us this, and that it would lead to an ice age like in the movie The Day After Tomorrow? The slowing down of ocean currents could have a devastating effect on our climate Atlantic Ocean circulation is […]

NY Gungrabbers Look To Grab More Guns Post-Buffalo

New York is already a gun grabber’s wet dream of restrictions. What more can they really do? Lawmakers in Albany consider how to make tight gun laws even tighter. New York lawmakers are reviewing options to strengthen the state‚Äôs already muscular gun laws, with Gov. Kathy Hochul expected to unveil a package as soon as […]

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