Pelosi Might Maybe Push Bill To Accelerate Production Of Supplies And Goods By July 4th

We’ve only know about these problems since things started opening back up late in 2020. What’s the rush now, Nancy?

Pelosi says Congress could pass ‘transformational’ Competes Act before July 4

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said on Thursday that Congress could pass the “transformational” Competes Act before July 4, saying they hope to celebrate its passage before the holiday.

The Competes Act of 2022 would approve billions of dollars for programs to accelerate U.S. manufacturing of critical supplies and goods such as semiconductor chips, increasing U.S. might in sectors dominated largely by China.

The bill is also intended to address the supply chain disruptions still plaguing the nation, which have helped fuel high inflation.

At her weekly press conference, Pelosi said there is currently “a big lobbying effort” in Congress around the Competes Act, but she added she still hopes for passage of the bill before Independence Day.

“It’s a transformational bill for America that will make us independent, that will make us self-sufficient,” Pelosi said.

No rush.

The Competes Act first passed the House in February before a separate but similar piece of legislation was passed in the Senate in March. Congress is now trying to reconcile differences and marry the legislation together before sending it to President Biden’s desk.

Rep. Dan Kildee (D-Mich.) said Congress held its first workshop on the Competes Act on May 12, promoting the bill on Twitter as a measure that will “fight inflation & lower costs.”

Meh, no rush, right? Actually, there is no rush, because it is bad legislation, but, the idea is to be able to tell citizens that the Democrats have Done Something

(Forbes) The House bill, while cutting billions in scientific research compared to the Senate-passed one, wades into liberal social and cultural agenda items and programs amid its 2,912 pages, and would add more energy, climate and environmental provisions and offices to govern it all to the federal Leviathan. Sen. Chuck Schumer and House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi need to reconcile the differences.

The Republican Study Committee put together a seven-pager on the House Democrats’ bill, noting provisions going far beyond boosting international competition and instead advancing Biden’s climate extremism, including implementing the Paris Climate Treaty, paying out climate change foreign aid, authorizing the military to response to climate crisis, and more spending on clean energy and solar.

But wait, there’s more: Reason‘s Elizabeth Nolan Brown notes that the bill also addresses “Chinese fentanyl production, e-commerce platform liability, misinformation in foreign media, global wildlife trafficking, legal conventions in Pacific Island nations, Arctic mammal rescue capabilities, coral research, and the origins of the COVID-19 virus,” [kudos on the latter] plus the likes of banning shark fin sales and “promoting the consumption of certain types of seafood.

How about just dealing with the chips shortage, increase competition, end lots of the anti-trust legislation? That would make too much sense. Hence why all Republicans voted against it. Democrats really just want to say “Republicans do not want to help.” Sadly, the GOP is bad on fighting back with their messaging.

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2 Responses to “Pelosi Might Maybe Push Bill To Accelerate Production Of Supplies And Goods By July 4th”

  1. Facts Matter says:

    Well good luck with that Nancy.

    Political Theatre.

    The reason why you cannot flip a switch to begin making stuff. Lots of stuff is because it requires lots of stuff to make said stuff.

    The USA has allowed the stuffing to be knocked out of our manufacturing ability by rich billionaires and mega corporations who can farm all of this to China, Pakistan, India for 10 cents on the dollar. Then we can shut down mines and farms and ranches and sell all our food producing corporations to CHINA because we are so fuking stupid.

    We have been sold out by Americans getting rich. Democrat and Republican alike.

    So you can pass all the bills you want but just like Trump telling 3m they can’t manufacture enough masks for America therefore they wont try, Trump had to get in their face and threaten them and it hardly mattered because they got their STUFF from CHINA to make the masks in the USA.

    We are FUBAR until we restore the infrastructure of America. We have squandered so much money in the last 20 years fighting wars all over the fuking world that we could have rebuilt the USA from the ground up.

    Just rebuilding the Power grid would produce 15-20 percent more electricity by efficiency.

    Our water system in the USA is a mess. But lets SWAT FLIES instead of fixing stuff.

    Stuff matters and our stuff comes from CHINA…..Good luck with that Nancy.

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