“Confessions Of A Social Justice Meme Maker”

This is an incredible piece

It has so much packed into it that I really do not want to do excerpts, but, I’ll give you a couple quick lines that stand out

Text-based slideshow graphics on pastel backdrops were a particular hit. They often read like instruction manuals, feeding believers the exact phrases needed to dismiss counterarguments and “educate” their “ignorant” family members.

I quickly learned that the key to reaching legions of viewers is to post content that evokes strong emotional responses. In a saturated market, extreme views drive out more nuanced takes.

Without Trump to kick around, progressives were increasingly turning on one another. Left-wing activists dedicated more and more of their time to scouring the online social-justice community, looking for opportunities to take offense.

Activists need a struggle to overcome, a dragon to slay, even if it must be invented.

That third one is interesting. I know I, and so many bloggers, will look for articles to “take offense.” I will also, at times, tell people I agree with something from the NY Times, Washington Post, a hardcore leftist politician. Give the whole thing a read, and a deep thought.

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