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Queen Nancy Seems Upset That 3rd Parties Exist, As It’s “Perilous For Our Democracy”

This is an interesting Hot Take Pelosi bashes No Labels as “perilous to our democracy” and threat to Biden House Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi on Thursday eviscerated the centrist group No Labels and its attempt to mount a third-party presidential bid. “I think that No Labels is perilous to our democracy. I say that completely […]

California General Assembly Sends Anti-Inappropriate Book Ban Bill To Governor

Does this mean that the other books banned by school districts in California, like To Kill A Mockingbird, Huckleberry Finn, Of Mice And Men, The Cay and Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry will now be taught/available in the libraries? Probably not. This is all about protecting highly sexualized and white people hating books from […]

Democrats Now Want Ground Rules On Presidential Impeachment

Where was Evan Davis (D) during the unhinged impeachments of Donald Trump? He worked for the Democrats who were looking to impeach Nixon. But, now, with a potential impeachment of Biden (really, I’m not sure the House GOP has the cajones, and there are too many squishes who might vote against even having an investigation), […]

Obligatory “Trump Indicted In Georgia” Post

The leftists and Trump haters just can’t help themselves. Are the trying to make sure that Trump is the GOP representative for the 2024 election? Most of these charges are pretty shaky, and shady, and will most likely end up being dropped or lost. They will be great at jamming up Trump’s time and money, […]

Democratic Party Run Cities In A Nutshell

"If you live in SF you know what I mean." Voluntarily living in a place more dangerous than Somalia — William Teach2 ??????? #refuseresist (@WTeach2) August 7, 2023 Another great line: “I don’t fee safe ever.” But, the same leftists will vote for the same hardcore leftist politicians and policies, and are fine until those […]

Uber-Socialist Cori Bush Pushing Insane “Unhoused” Bill

On the bright side, even the Democrats aren’t insane enough to vote for this bill, right? There’s zero chance it even gets a vote on the House floor. It does let us know what the hardcore Democrats really want This is a flaming heap of garbage. Here’s the text of the bill for anyone who […]

Anheuser-Busch Looks To Lay Off About 2% Of Workforce

It’s actually not a lot of direct employees, but, this will surely effect those who work with AB. First, though, let’s jump back about a week (The Street) Anheuser-Busch Chief Executive Michel Doukeris has been in damage-control mode since the company decided to partner with the transgender social-media influencer Dylan Mulvaney. That deal — which […]

UK Guardian Claims Never-Trumpers Get Brutal Wakeup Call

The Never Trumpers are odd birds. They claim to be Conservative stalwarts, that they believe in the standings of Ronald Reagan, that they are the True Conservatives, yet, they’re enabling the election of Democrats, many are mouthing Democrat policies and slogans, and are truly unhinged in Democrat fashion over Trump and those who support him, […]

WokeMilitary Says Gender Confused Members Can Skip Deployment While Undergoing Hormone Therapy

This should help with the readiness of our military. How many of the gender confused will now join the military to get free hormone therapy, knowing they’ll never have to deploy, and, really, never have to do work? DOD Memo Says Transgender Soldiers on Hormone Therapy Can Skip Deployments Transgender soldiers receiving hormone therapy may […]

Bummer: Bud Light Posts Dismal 4th Of July Numbers

Self inflicted wounds followed by stabbing yourself a few times then playing with broken glass are fun, eh? Bud Light Suffers Another Loss as July 4 Sales Drop As the boycott against Bud Light continues, new data shows the beer brand suffering yet another loss with a decline in sales over the Fourth of July […]

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