25% Of New Yorkers Think Israel And Jews Had It Coming

If they took a poll during the Nazi Germany era I wonder what that poll would look like

Antisemitism and Islamophobia both surging in NY during Hamas-Israel war: poll

A large majority of New Yorkers feel that antisemitism has increased during the Hamas-Israel war while a significant portion of the state believes Islamophobia is also on the rise, a new survey released Monday reveals.

About three-quarters of New York voters — 73% — said Jews in the state are experiencing a great deal or some antisemitism, while only 16% said there is not much or any at all, the Siena College poll found.

And of those who cited antisemitism as a problem, 75% said the hatred increased after Hamas invaded Israel on Oct. 7.

At the same time, 62% of voters say Muslims in New York are experiencing Islamophobia, and a majority of those respondents say that hatred has increased since Oct. 7.

While there have certainly been a few attacks on Islamists, most of what is being called “Islamophobia” is simply people calling them out for supporting Hamas and hating on Jews.

Nearly six in 10 of voters — 59% — say the Hamas attacks on Israeli citizens are a crime that should be condemned without hesitation or explanation.

But another 25% of respondents say that while they condemn the murder of Israeli civilians, they believe the attacks were a result of decades of Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians.

So, good on 59% of New Yorkers. But, then, you have 25% of New Yorkers who support a State Dept designated terrorist organization, which the vast majority of Palestinians supported.

Self-identified liberals were more sympathetic to the Palestinian cause and less supportive of Israel than more moderate and conservative voters who side squarely with Israel.

They are Useful Idiots, who fail to see that Islamists are in direct competition for world control. That’s their history. Almost immediately after Islam started they went to war to conquer the known world as a means of spreading Islam at the point of a sword. You can find all sorts of liberals and Islamists attempting to say it is all about peace, and the Quran can be very contradictory, but, at the end, what it is about is submission. You do not necessarily have to convert per the Quran, but, you will still be forced to submit. And Muhammad personally led lots and lots of attacks, forcing submission. He killed people for criticizing him and Islam, and all Muslims are told to emulate him

33 Sura Al-Ahzeb 22 Indeed in the Messenger of Allah (Muhammad) you have a good example to follow for him who hopes in (the Meeting with) Allah and the Last Day and remembers Allah much.

Muhammad told them to go to war and spread Islam. The Useful Idiots just do not grasp that hardcore Islam, heck, even moderate Islam, wants to conquer them.

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3 Responses to “25% Of New Yorkers Think Israel And Jews Had It Coming”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    Condemned but totally understandable. Sort of like taking no position at all. And really just an opinion with no consequence or merit attached. Opinions are cheap.

  2. Dana says:

    In a way, Israel did have it coming . . . for not expelling the Arabs following the 1967 conquests.

    They had two choices: expel all of the Arabs, and annex the territory they seized, or evacuate the lands in which the Arabs lived. Instead, they took a third option, one guaranteed to fail, which was to allow the Arabs to live under an occupation, hoping that they’d emigrate voluntarily.

    Some signs now point to Israel planning to expel all of the Arabs from Gaza, but the population has grown from a couple hundred thousand in 1967 to 2.2 million now, and the ‘Palestinians’ have no place else to go: neither Egypt, nor Jordan, nor Lebanon wants them, none of the Arab countries want them, because they’ve been a disruptive presence every other place they’ve been.

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