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Here We Go: Climate Cult Blames Death Of A Swiftie In Rio On You

I’m actually surprised this didn’t come sooner. There were some Warmists who linked the death of a Swiftie to climate doom, but, this is certainly the worst. And Clean Technica asks an interesting question Climate Change Killed A Swiftie — How Will Taylor Swift Respond? Yesterday, we learned that Ana Clara Benevides died as a […]

GenZ Climate Cultists Say They’d Give Up Vaping To Stop Climate Doom

No, really Gen Z might quit vaping to show solidarity with the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo — here’s why — New York Post (@nypost) December 4, 2023 From the link Generation Z might finally be ready to put down their vapes, but not for the reason you’d expect. The war on vapes […]

Good Grief: Climate Cult Links Fan Death At Taylor Swift Concert

How much of a ghoul do you have to be to do this? A fan died of heat at a Taylor Swift concert. It’s a rising risk with climate change Springtime is underway in the southern Hemisphere, but across much of South America it has felt like the depths of summer for months already. A […]

Green Ghouls: Climate Cult Funeral Home Had 115 Decaying Bodies

I guess it’s kinda “green” if they just let them decay, right? Police found 115 bodies at Colorado ‘green’ funeral home while investigating putrid smells The awful smell seeped from a neglected building in a small Colorado town for days, followed by a report that made police take a closer look at the “green” funeral […]

Climate Cult Continues Worrying About African And Indian Babies Being Born

This is not something that is new: the climate cultists have long been concerned over people in third world nations, especially blacks, having babies Climate Alarmists Fret over Too Many African, Indian Babies on ‘World Population Day’ The United Nations marked World Population Day on Tuesday, publishing a forecast that the Earth’s population will hit […]

Sigh: Climate Crisis (scam) Is Causing More Earthquakes

I guess the editors at news outlets were giving a couple days respect for anywhere from 11,000-15,000 killed in the Turkey earthquakes Climate change is triggering more earthquakes. Big Oil’s interests are a factor On Monday, earthquakes in my country Turkey and neighbouring Syria left a trail of unprecedented devastation and a death toll surpassing […]

Russia Making War On Ukraine Is Just So Inconvenient For ‘Climate Change’

I’m pretty sure that the people of Ukraine have actual real world worries, but, to the climate cultists at places like the NY Times that’s secondary to dealing with the climate scam Ukraine War’s Latest Victim? The Fight Against Climate Change. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine seemed like an unexpected opportunity for environmentalists, who had struggled […]

Warmists Seem Pretty Happy That A Lot Of People Lost A Lot Of Money On Crypto

Why? Because it could help the fight against Hotcoldwetdry Why the cryptocurrency price collapse offers hope for slowing climate change Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin were meant to be used as digital cash. Instead, they’ve become popular as speculative investments. As well as being resource-intensive and inherently wasteful, cryptocurrencies are also incredibly volatile. Prices for the largest cryptocurrencies, bitcoin and ethereum, […]

Climate Cultist Who Immolated Himself Highlights Darker Side Of “Climate Grief”

Yes, yes it does, just, not in the way that Ja’Han Jones at Joy Reid’s wacko MSNBC blog thinks How an activist’s self-immolation exposed the dark reality of ‘climate grief A climate change activist who set himself on fire in an apparent act of protest against inadequate climate change policies in the U.S. died over the weekend. Wynn […]

Who’s Up For Giving Their Dead Body To Solve Climate Crisis (scam)?

I can’t decide if this is ghoulish or not Florida company wants to use your dead body to fight climate change A nonprofit in Florida has a unique, eco-friendly way to restore coral reefs while simultaneously providing an eternal resting place to those whose final wish is to use their remains to benefit marine habitats […]

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