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St. Greta Says Extinction Rebellion Should Break Laws During Protests

You already had one of the co-founders (who’s also a massive climahypocrite) commit an act of vandalism, so, sure, everyone listen to the unhinged teenager. Sadly, a lot of the climanutters will Greta Thunberg suggests Extinction Rebellion protesters should break the law during demonstrations Greta Thunberg has told Extinction Rebellion (XR) protesters that they should […]

Climate Kids File U.N. Complaint Against Five Countries

It’s a good thing they all took fossil fueled trips to the United Nations Greta Thunberg & Allies File Climate Complaint Against 5 Countries (Not China) Swedish teen climate alarmist Greta Thunberg and 15 other children filed a complaint with the United Nations on Monday, accusing five countries of inaction on combatting so-called climate change. […]

Extinction Rebellion Considers Using Drones To Shut Down Heathrow Airport

This wouldn’t put too many people’s lives at risk, right? Extinction Rebellion considers using drones to shut London’s Heathrow Airport Climate activists from Extinction Rebellion have drawn up plans to use drones to shut London’s Heathrow Airport this summer in a campaign to stop the construction of a third runway at Europe’s busiest airport, the […]

Surprise: Camp Fire Wildfire Not Caused By Your Use Of A Fossil Fueled Vehicle

The devastating, deadly wildfire was most likely (meaning, yeah, this is what happened) caused by a down power line. So, still mankind related, but, not because you ate a burger last week (Mercury News)  Downed PG&E power lines, amid high winds, may have sparked the deadly Camp Fire that has destroyed the town of Paradise […]

Earthquake And Tsunami Hit Indonesia: Climate Ghouls Do What Climate Ghouls Do

  In case you missed it (CNN) Rescue workers are hunting for survivors after a powerful earthquake hit the Indonesian island of Sulawesi and triggered a tsunami, killing at least 384 people. After the 7.5-magnitude earthquake hit Friday, water smashed into buildings and swept away homes in the coastal city of Palu city, home to […]

Climate Ghouls Seem Pretty Upset That Warmer Weather Isn’t Causing More Deaths

It doesn’t help their narrative when people are not dying in droves, and they seem pretty bummed out that people are not keeling over in droves So far, more heat waves do not mean more heat deaths More Americans die from the effects of heat than of any other form of severe weather, and this summer has […]

Cult of Climastrology Is Powered By Child Labor In Africa

The Cult of Climastrology keeps saying that ‘climate change’ harms women, children, the poor, and minorities the most Al Gore warns worst of climate change will be felt by black and poor people Climate change ‘impacts women more than men’ Children’s health is disproportionately affected by climate change How Cities Can Protect Poor People and […]

Jerry Brown: California Wildfires Set To Become The “New Normal” Or Something

The fires burning in California are horrific, so, of course, a leading member of the Cult of Climastrology has to rush in and inject the Cult’s dogma (Washington Examiner) California Gov. Jerry Brown, a Democrat, warned Saturday that climate change could bring more wildfires to the state as firefighters continue battling at least six blazes […]

Surprise: Global Warming Occurring More Slowly Than Portended

It’s amazing: we’re now told that the models are wrong. But Mankind is still to blame Global warming may be occurring more slowly than previously thought, study suggests Computer modelling used a decade ago to predict how quickly global average temperatures would rise may have forecast too much warming, a study has found. The Earth […]

It’s Again Time For The “Climate Change Denial Should Be A Crime” Memes

Is it actually “science denial” when 95% of the climate models are wrong? Is it science denial when virtually every prediction that the Cult of Climastrology makes falls apart? Is it science denial when Skeptics note that the data is massaged, manipulated, spun, and/or manufactured? Climate disaster response rules1) save lives2) global warming is here […]

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