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Climate Change Is Bad For Heart Health Or Something

And, since this really isn’t about climate or science, the writers at USA Today decided to make this about race and raaaaacism (article is behind USA Today paywall, using Yahoo News version) Climate change, heat waves affect heart health, experts say. Here’s why that puts people of color at higher risk. Martha Gabriel knows the […]

Not Your Fault: Engineers Think Surfside Building Had Less Steel Reinforcement

All the climate cultists had to do was wait a bit for actual evidence and facts to come to light regarding the collapse of the Surfside condo building. But, no, they immediately jumped to anthropogenic climate change Condo Wreckage Hints at First Signs of Possible Construction Flaw Engineers who have visited or examined photos of […]

Bummer: Texas Leaves Climate Doom Out Of Winter Storm Blackout Fix

This Associated Press is being repeated all over the place, but, they all seem to forget that this was a massive winter storm that hit Texas….oh, right, the climate cultists blame winter weather on heat trapping gases, because they are a cult. These people are just taking advantage of misery and deaths (at least 151) […]

Climate Cult Still Pushing For Green COVID Recovery

Democrats do not even know how to do a regular recovery, based on the state of their states and cities, and are often no allowing any sort of economic recovery to occur, locking people and businesses down all over the place, yet, they want a “green recovery” New research suggests 1.5C climate target will be […]

Climate Cultist Prince Charles Blames COVID On ‘Climate Change’

Remember when Prince Charles said the world only had 100 months left back in 2009, and, when that failed, extended it out 33 years back in 2015? All while taking fossil fueled airplanes and limos? We will face more pandemics unless we halt climate change, Charles says The Prince of Wales has said he will […]

Green Recovery: Deutsche Bank Wants People To Be Taxed For Privilege Of Working At Home

One would think that climate cultists would be thrilled by the notion of people mostly staying home and not taking fossil fueled trips to work, which would mean they wouldn’t be going out to lunch. Nope. They see this as a way of taking Someone Else’s money. It reminds me of the way government mandates […]

The Only Solution To The Climate Crisis (scam) Is De-growth Or Something

Of course, this is only one climate cultist, but, then, we’ve seen lots and lots of cultists take the same viewpoint many, many times De-growth only solution to tackle climate change: Expert The problem of climate change cannot be solved without tackling earth’s growing human population, which gives rise to greater consumption and carbon emissions, […]

Enviroweenies Look To Hijack “I Can’t Breathe”

Well, at least they mention a black woman, Heather McTeer Toney, in the article, because this stuff is usually only from uber-white enviroweenies and climate cultists. Of course, her group, Mom’s Air Force, only has two blacks out of 18 people on its national team For some environmentalists, ‘I can’t breathe’ is about more than […]

Who’s Up For Knee And Hip Operations With Local Anesthetic To Save Us From ‘Climate Change’?

You can do your part to stop the climate crisis (scam). What’s a little pain and massive discomfort during long operations (both typically take about 2 hours), listening to all the scary noises of bones, all the blood Hip and knee operations ‘should be done under local anesthetic to help cut carbon emissions’ Using local […]

Bat Soup Virus Shows Us What Hotcoldwetdry Disruption Could Maybe Possibly Look Like

Haven’t climate cultists figured out that COVID-19 is old news now, that they are supposed to integrate the protests, rioting, and looting? Coronavirus Shows Us What Climate Change Disruption Could Look Like Mark Carney’s final years as governor of the Bank of England can be defined by his efforts to break what he calls climate […]

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