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The Only Solution To The Climate Crisis (scam) Is De-growth Or Something

Of course, this is only one climate cultist, but, then, we’ve seen lots and lots of cultists take the same viewpoint many, many times De-growth only solution to tackle climate change: Expert The problem of climate change cannot be solved without tackling earth’s growing human population, which gives rise to greater consumption and carbon emissions, […]

Enviroweenies Look To Hijack “I Can’t Breathe”

Well, at least they mention a black woman, Heather McTeer Toney, in the article, because this stuff is usually only from uber-white enviroweenies and climate cultists. Of course, her group, Mom’s Air Force, only has two blacks out of 18 people on its national team For some environmentalists, ‘I can’t breathe’ is about more than […]

Who’s Up For Knee And Hip Operations With Local Anesthetic To Save Us From ‘Climate Change’?

You can do your part to stop the climate crisis (scam). What’s a little pain and massive discomfort during long operations (both typically take about 2 hours), listening to all the scary noises of bones, all the blood Hip and knee operations ‘should be done under local anesthetic to help cut carbon emissions’ Using local […]

Bat Soup Virus Shows Us What Hotcoldwetdry Disruption Could Maybe Possibly Look Like

Haven’t climate cultists figured out that COVID-19 is old news now, that they are supposed to integrate the protests, rioting, and looting? Coronavirus Shows Us What Climate Change Disruption Could Look Like Mark Carney’s final years as governor of the Bank of England can be defined by his efforts to break what he calls climate […]

Gutsy Kids Call Our Florida’s Government Or Something

I especially enjoy how the oldster writing this spent a lifetime of fossil fueled travel but now wants to restrict Other People These gutsy kids called out Florida officials on climate change | Column My name is Dick Jacobs. I’m 89 years old, mostly a retired business attorney. For the past four years I’ve been […]

We Need To Heed Bat Soup Viruses Warning Of “Climate Apartheid” Or Something

The funny part of this new talking point is that it blames rich Democratic Party voters We Need to Heed COVID-19’s Warning of “Climate Apartheid” … Just last week, The New York Times released shocking data about the number of New Yorkers who have fled the city as the COVID-19 pandemic struck. According to the data collected, […]

Cult of Climastrology Wonders If Lessons Of Bat Soup Virus Can Be Applied To ‘Climate Change’

The doomsday cult always has to cult, and certainly do not want to let some suffering and fear get in the way Can the Lessons of the Coronavirus Pandemic Be Applied to Climate Change? As the world grapples with COVID-19, it cannot afford to ignore an even more serious global emergency that will persist long […]

CoC: People Suffering Is A Small Price To Pay To Solve The Climate Crisis

It’s a shame that the media is not focusing that much on ‘climate change’ in these days of Bat Soup Virus (I only made it to page 4 of Google News for climate change, stories from past 24 hours, before they became mostly about other things, with climate change either as something small or mentioned […]

Coronavirus Is A Dress Rehearsal For ‘Climate Change’ Doom Or Something

I actually agree a bit with this climate cultist: it is a dress rehearsal. It shows exactly what a world with all the Hotcoldwetdry policies of the Cult of Climastrology would look like. Would it be this bad? Not in my opinion. Perhaps about half what we’re experiencing with job loss, people staying home, economic […]

Social Distancing Did The Hard Part For The “Climate Crisis” Or Something

Person who’s still working and getting paid has Thoughts Social distancing accidentally did the hard part for the climate crisis – now it’s up to us to keep going Social distancing is totally at odds with human behaviour and the construction of global capitalism. Our entire world is on pause, and yet there are still […]

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