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Who’s Up For Giving Their Dead Body To Solve Climate Crisis (scam)?

I can’t decide if this is ghoulish or not Florida company wants to use your dead body to fight climate change A nonprofit in Florida has a unique, eco-friendly way to restore coral reefs while simultaneously providing an eternal resting place to those whose final wish is to use their remains to benefit marine habitats […]

Climavirtue Signaling: Save The Children Refuses Big Oil Company Donation

See, it’s more important to let the kids starve than prop up fossil fuels…..which were certainly used to transport and deliver the aid (via Watts Up With That?) Charity snubs £750,000 donation from gas company over reluctance to take cash from fossil fuel firms Save the Children has refused an energy firm’s £750,000 ($985,331 U.S.) […]

The Cult Is Not Alright: CBS News Links Tonga Volcano With ‘Climate Change’

I mentioned how some climate cultists were linking the massive Tonga volcano eruption with their idiotic climate cult the other day. Now we get (via Twitchy) CBS's Nate Burleson ties the underwater volcanic eruption and 50-foot-high tsunami in Tonga to climate change: "We talk about climate change quite a bit. These stories are a harsh […]

Surprise: Climate Cult Scientist Admits Main Purpose Is To Influence Politics

That’s what this really amounts to Climate scientist admits his/her primary motivation is to influence politics, not to understand climate? — Tom Nelson (@TomANelson) December 15, 2021 From the link, which is really trying to show that the big tornadoes the other day were because you drove a fossil fueled vehicle To the people […]

Your Fault: Bad Weather In Egypt Causes Scorpions To Sting Hundreds, Kill 3

Usually, when a story like this hits, people are like “oh, my goodness, that’s horrible!” Scorpions stung Saturday 453 citizens – killing three – living near the mountainous areas of Aswan as thundershowers hit the governorate pushing them to leave their nests#EgyptToday — Egypt Today Magazine (@EgyptTodayMag) November 14, 2021 The Cult of Climastrology’s […]

John Kerry Blows Off China’s Human Rights Violations To Push Climate Action

If you remember, the same thing happened when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, where she said that China’s human rights abuses shouldn’t interfere with other issues, including ‘climate change’ John Kerry sidesteps China’s human rights violations, says it’s ‘not my lane’ US special climate envoy John Kerry sidestepped a question about China’s use of […]

HotCold Take: COP26 Mess Up Shines Light On Impact Of Climate Change On Disabled

This is a serious HotCold Take: linking a serious blunder into something about the whole COP26 incident shines light on impact of climate change on disabled An Israeli cabinet minister’s inability to access the COP26 climate summit in her wheelchair has fueled criticism that the conference is part of the problem on many of the […]

Climate Change Is Bad For Heart Health Or Something

And, since this really isn’t about climate or science, the writers at USA Today decided to make this about race and raaaaacism (article is behind USA Today paywall, using Yahoo News version) Climate change, heat waves affect heart health, experts say. Here’s why that puts people of color at higher risk. Martha Gabriel knows the […]

Not Your Fault: Engineers Think Surfside Building Had Less Steel Reinforcement

All the climate cultists had to do was wait a bit for actual evidence and facts to come to light regarding the collapse of the Surfside condo building. But, no, they immediately jumped to anthropogenic climate change Condo Wreckage Hints at First Signs of Possible Construction Flaw Engineers who have visited or examined photos of […]

Bummer: Texas Leaves Climate Doom Out Of Winter Storm Blackout Fix

This Associated Press is being repeated all over the place, but, they all seem to forget that this was a massive winter storm that hit Texas….oh, right, the climate cultists blame winter weather on heat trapping gases, because they are a cult. These people are just taking advantage of misery and deaths (at least 151) […]

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