GenZ Climate Cultists Say They’d Give Up Vaping To Stop Climate Doom

No, really

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Generation Z might finally be ready to put down their vapes, but not for the reason you’d expect.

The war on vapes has been going on for some time, with young people constantly being warned about the health risks, and yet they’ve been rising in popularity, not sinking.

There’s a movement taking over on TikTok encouraging young people to stop vaping to show solidarity with the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Creator Kristina, 25, amassed millions of views when she said she was quitting vaping after learning about the child labour and slave like conditions taking place in the Congo mines.

Modern electronics like computers, smartphones, and disposal vapes are often powered by cobalt; a large amount of the world’s supply is mined in the Congo, and it has been reported that conditions are so bad they conflict with basic human rights for workers.

Yeah, all those EVs the Elites are pushing. The Democrats that GenZ votes for

When Kristina discovered this she announced that she was “f**king quitting” before explaining that consumerism was to blame for the issues happening in the Congo.

OK, so, quit. That’s it. No need to make a big deal and demand everyone else quit. And, notice, she and all the others agreeing with her are making it about themselves, not the children forced to mine.

Kristina said she felt “disgusted” to discover that and wanted to make an effort to consume less, so, she’d come to the conclusion she needed to quit vaping,

“Look up what is going on in the Congo right now, and you look at your vape, I swear you’ll never see it the same,” she reasoned.

But, she does have a point about all the child labor being used to get all the precious metals for all the batteries, and more will be needed for the EV push. You can bet she and the rest will still vote for those pushing the green scam.

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  1. drowningpuppies says:

    The world better hurry.
    Well she’s the expert.

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