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Even The Washington Post Notices Demand For EVs is Cooling

And if the WP notices, it must be worse than they’re actually saying EV transition cools as demand slows and automakers trim production The Biden administration’s push to entice more Americans to buy electric vehicles is falling short of expectations as consumers fret over prices, battery range and a lack of charging stations. U.S. sales […]

If All You See…

…is fencing meant to stop climate refugees, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Not A Lot Of People Know That, with a post wondering how expensive EV charging is.

Netanyahu Offers His Three Conditions For Peace With Palestinians

It’s been very easy since the beginning: return the hostages, Hamas dismantles. Too bad he can’t add “replace the Iranian government with a non-terrorist government” Netanyahu Offers 3 Prerequisites for Peace Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this week outlined three prerequisites for peace in the region following months of war with Hamas. Netanyahu, in an […]

Good News: We Now Have A New Group Of Climate Loons

I wonder how many have made their own lives carbon neutral? And how many of them are taking fossil fueled trips to “protest” A New Breed of Climate Protesters Vows to Take the Fight to US Political “Cowards” A climate protest group backed by a cadre of Hollywood filmmakers is preparing to take action against “cowards” […]

Newsomconomy: Pizza Hut To Lay Off Drivers Due To Government Requirements

This is what happens when the Virtue Signalers and SJWs in the People’s Republik Of California pass laws/rules without considering the actual economic consequences California Pizza Hut franchises announce layoffs of delivery drivers before new $20 minimum wage: report Multiple Pizza Hut franchises in California are planning to lay off delivery drivers as the restaurant […]

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