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Excitable Justin Trudeau Worried A Trump Win Will Scuttle Climate Crisis (scam) Agenda

Perhaps if Justin really cared he wouldn’t have lots and lots of people fly into Canada for a ‘climate change’ summit. What he’s really concerned with is that Trump could put the kibosh on so many Biden authoritarian initiates Trump win in 2024 could harm fight against climate change -Canada PM If Republican frontrunner Donald Trump wins […]

If All You See…

…is a limited amount of snow due to global boiling, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Moonbattery, with a post on the bats trying to normalize BDSM.

Good News: Illegals At Border Simply Being Released Due To Overcrowded Facilities

Yes, this is an invasion, but, it seems that roughly half the government wants this to happen Migrants are being released on U.S. streets at the border as shelters see record numbers U.S. border facilities have a record number of migrants in custody as border agents try to release migrants as fast as possible to avoid overcrowding […]

Gore Effect: Maine Forced To Postpone Vote On Forced EVs Due To Power Outage

How will all those EVs work when the power goes out due to storms? Where’s the power going to come from for all those EVs? There can only be so many dams (and don’t forget that the eco-loons want to get rid of dams) Maine forced to delay vote on EV mandate amid widespread power […]

IDF Makes Hamas Tunnels Go Boom!

Strange how you never hear those in the Leftist media say “perhaps if Hamas didn’t spend so much money on tunnels they could make the lives of Palestinians in Gaza pretty nice The major tunnel destroyed: The IDF'S elite Yahalom unit destroyed the major tunnel in Gaza city at the Palestine Square. pic.twitter.com/uJgaYpWGM1 — Mossad […]

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