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Opera Audience Shouts Down Nutjob Climate Cult Members

One would think that a goodly chunk of the audience would be fellow travelers in a city like NYC, people who would cheer interruptions by climate “activists”, but, as usual, they aren’t happy when their beliefs cause problems in their own lives Climate activists interrupt opera performance, angering audience: ‘Shut up!’ Climate activists angered opera […]

If All You See…

…is lots of world killing concrete, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Dissecting Leftism, with a post on what a study said on masking for COVID.

Stupid Party Expels George Santos

There’s no doubt Santos is a scumbag and liar, and will most likely be found guilty in court. "We're setting a very dangerous precedent, where we're expelling a member before they are convicted in a court of law." @RepEricBurlison warns about the consequences of expelling Rep. George Santos. @BiancaDLGarza pic.twitter.com/M3T4zJ6eij — NEWSMAX (@NEWSMAX) December 1, […]

King Charles Takes Long Fossil Fueled Flight To Proclaim World Is Doomed

I’m sure Chuck flew commercial, right? King Charles says world heading for ‘dangerous uncharted territory’ at global leaders summit King Charles III told world leaders Friday that the warning signs of the climate crisis are being ignored and that the world is heading for “dangerous uncharted territory,” with devastating consequences for lives and livelihoods. Delivering […]

Israel Vows To Keep Thumping Hamas After Hamas Breaks Ceasfire

Israel has had enough of caring what the Israel and Jew haters think Israel vows to inflict ‘the mother of all thumpings’ on Hamas as ceasefire ends Israel vowed that Hamas would “take the mother of all thumpings”, after a week-long ceasefire ended on Friday, engulfing the Gaza Strip in a new bout of fighting. […]

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