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Skynet, Er, Artificial Intelligence, Could Now Be The Savior For Climate Doom

We’ve gone from AI being Bad for ‘climate change’ to being a savior AI could be humanity’s last chance to meet climate goals. Here’s why The world must dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 to meet Paris Agreement goals. Yet based on current trajectories, emissions are set to rise by 10% over the next […]

If All You See…

…is a horrible high energy usage ferris wheel, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Lid, with a post on the difference between Florida and DC on auto theft.

Even Though There’s No Migrant Crisis, Biden Regime Closes Two Bridges

It’s strange, because we’ve been told that there is no crisis US closes two rail bridges to Mexico amid migrant surge U.S. border officials on Sunday closed two rail bridges that move freight between Texas and Mexico after detecting a surge in the smuggling of migrants through Mexico by train. The move by U.S. Customs […]

Climate Cultists Hold Nativity Themed Protest In London

These supposed Christians really should check out the 1st Commandment Nativity-themed climate protest in National Gallery Five Christian women held a Nativity-themed climate change protest inside the National Gallery in London on Friday. The members of Christian Climate Action stood in front of a 15th-century Filippino Lippi painting of the Virgin and Child which depicts […]

Majority Of American Youts Think Israel Should Be Handed To Hamas

You know how the Credentialed Media tells us that “from the river to the sea” doesn’t mean ending Israel and replacing it with a Palestinian Islamist caliphate? Yeah, about that Majority of Americans 18-24 think Israel should ‘be ended and given to Hamas’ A majority of young Americans said they believe Israel should “be ended and […]

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