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Brandon Regime Takes Action To Force Federal Workers To Take Trains And EVs

Of course, this only applies to the rank and file workers, not people like Joe, Kamala, his chief of staff, KJP, heads of federal agencies White House takes action to force government workers to travel via electric vehicle, rail The White House issued new guidance requiring federal government employees to prioritize using electric vehicles (EV), trains […]

If All You See…

…is a right supremacist symbol, used by people who deny ‘climate change’, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Moonbattery, with a post on Sir Isaac Newton now being an Indian.

Democrats Upset Over Securing Border To Give Ukraine Money

Democrats are super excited about securing the borders in Ukraine and driving out the invaders, but, not so much when it comes to doing the same in the U.S. Tensions rise among Democrats over looming border deal Senate Democrats are deeply divided over an emerging border deal that some Democratic lawmakers fear will include harsh […]

Climate Cult Starts To Crack Doing Something About Food Emissions

These are the same people who took long fossil fueled trips to Dubai to eat all sorts of really nice food, including up-scale burgers, seafood, lamb, and so forth (you can read the whole thing here) The Climate Summit Starts to Crack a Tough Nut: Emissions From Food It’s hard enough for world leaders to […]

SCNY Illegals Complain About Quality Of Free Food

A bunch of liberals with no skin in the game are also complaining NYC Mayor Adams defends city’s handling of migrant meals: ‘Is it going to be filet mignon? No’ As New York City nonprofits face an overwhelming demand for food, New York City Mayor Eric Adams defended his administration amid reports of food being wasted at local […]

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