Brandon Regime Takes Action To Force Federal Workers To Take Trains And EVs

Of course, this only applies to the rank and file workers, not people like Joe, Kamala, his chief of staff, KJP, heads of federal agencies

White House takes action to force government workers to travel via electric vehicle, rail

The White House issued new guidance requiring federal government employees to prioritize using electric vehicles (EV), trains and public transportation options when conducting official business.

The actions, which the White House said fulfilled President Biden’s promise to “lead by example” on tackling climate change, seek to take advantage of the federal government’s annual business travel purchasing power of $2.8 billion and status as the nation’s largest employer. Overall, government employees on official business took more than 2.8 million flights, made 2.3 million vehicle rentals and took 33,000 rail trips last year.

Well, Amtrak is certainly available when Joe goes to Delaware, right? Or take an EV? No need for jumbo jets, fighter protection, helicopters. Well any freaking reporter ask him (no point in asking KJP, she answers zero questions) why he doesn’t travel by rail or EV?

Under the guidance, government employees must rent an EV on official travel when the cost of the EV is less than or equal to the most affordable comparable gas-powered vehicle available. Additionally, employees must opt for EVs when using taxis and ride-share platforms when they are cost-competitive.

Sure seems like federal employees are taking a whole lot of unnecessary travel on the taxpayer dime, eh?

In addition, employees must only use rail on trips that require less than 250 miles of travel instead of driving or flying. For local travel, employees will be required to use public transportation, a rule that includes travel upon arriving at an offsite location.

It’s 123 miles to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Will Joe be taking an EV? Or is practicing what you demand only for the Little People?

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4 Responses to “Brandon Regime Takes Action To Force Federal Workers To Take Trains And EVs”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    It would be an even more effective policy to forbid government travel for any business that could be accomplished with a phone call. Of course, this has already been policy for the government for decades and yet every government agency still spends hugely on travel. I suspect Delta airlines + rental car will still be considered as “public transportation” either way.

  2. STW says:

    What a hoot! It’s over 200 miles to the nearest Amtrak station from here. Oddly enough, there’s not a single EV charging station along that entire route. There is no direct bus so the trip is over 500 miles and takes over 15 hours. That’s typical for travel in this multi-state area. It’s almost like the folks in DC don’t know how the normal world works. (or care)

  3. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    The United States President’s time and security is more important than Mr Teach’s.

    Mr Teach whines about hypocrisy, and then whines if they change their behaviors.

    Whne, whine, whine. LOL

  4. James Lewis says:

    A thought or two.

    With the exception of the President and Vice President.

    All government travel is to be coach class commercial except for military transport for training etc.

    The government employee, and that includes all elected/appointed/contractors/ can purchase/obtain upgrades to Business/First Class from their own funds.

    No elected or appointed government official can employed in any capacity by any company doing any business with any federal or state government for 10 years after they have finished their employment/contact/advisory position.

    Congress is encouraged to use Zoom.

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