Sigh: Climate Crisis (scam) Is Causing More Earthquakes

I guess the editors at news outlets were giving a couple days respect for anywhere from 11,000-15,000 killed in the Turkey earthquakes

Climate change is triggering more earthquakes. Big Oil’s interests are a factor

On Monday, earthquakes in my country Turkey and neighbouring Syria left a trail of unprecedented devastation and a death toll surpassing 16,000 people at the last count.

We do not know for sure what triggered this horrific natural disaster, but we do know there is growing scientific evidence that climate change increases the risk of such tremors, together with tsunamis and volcanic eruptions.

“If a fault is primed or ready to rupture, all that is needed is the pressure of a handshake to set if off […] Environmental changes associated with rapid and accelerating climate breakdown could easily do the job,” professor of geophysics and climate hazards at University College London Bill McGuire pointed out back in 2012.

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Again, Turkey is at the intersection of 3 major plates, the Asian, European, and African, along with many minor plates, creating a vast network of major and minor fault lines

Furthermore, NASA scientists acknowledged that glaciers retreating due to global warming have been triggering earthquakes in Alaska in the last decades.

It’s Turkey. There are only a handful of places with glaciers, and none would have that type of effect

The impact is not limited to the Arctic. As melting glaciers change the distribution of weight across the Earth’s crust, the resulting “glacial isostatic adjustment” drives changes in plate tectonics that could lead to more earthquakes, awaken volcanoes and even affect the movement of the Earth’s axis.

And, according to the Cult of Climastrology, this is all your fault. Doesn’t matter that glaciers have been melting since the end of the last glacial age 20,000 years ago, or that there have been periods warmer than the current one, you need to be forced to change your life in a way that Warmists won’t in their own lives.

This particular consequence of global warming “warns us of a seismically turbulent future,” one recent study concluded.

F*ck right off, you insane loony tune doomsday cultists. How about being helpful, and do something for the people of Turkey, rather than being wackjobs?

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4 Responses to “Sigh: Climate Crisis (scam) Is Causing More Earthquakes”

  1. Tsquared says:

    Sunspot and solar flare activity has also been very high.

    • david7134 says:

      And the earths core has stopped rotating and increasing day length. Then there is the matter of alteration in magnetic waves. But a trace gas produced by the earth itself is responsible for all sorts of activity.

  2. Dana says:

    Turkey, a NATO member, has been allowing Russian shipping to bypass the sanctions, so that’s what set off the earthquake.

  3. Dan says:

    The climate scamoligists tell these lies because they can. The low IQ morons that make up the bulk of the population believe this garbage and bleat “do something, anything”. The lies work. So the lies will continue.

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