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Climate Doom Means People Can’t Fall In Love Or Something

This is a new one. Who says cults are moribund and can’t come up with new stuff. The sad part is that major news outlets, in this case, the LA Times, publish this cult crap When climate change looms, how are you supposed to fall in love? I asked a man to marry me once. […]

If All You See…

…is an Evil carbon polluting refrigerator, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Greenie Watch, with a post noting that natural gas is a major source of fertilizers that keeps people eating.

Brandon Admin Doing A Poor Job Of Informing Congress On Balloons

His administration is doing a pretty piss poor job with informing the public, as well Administration scrambles to quell Congress’s frustration over balloon, UFOs Senior administration officials scrambled Tuesday to quell frustrations expressed by lawmakers about a lack of timely information concerning several flying objects and a Chinese spy balloon shot down over the past […]

Your Fault: Climate Emergency May Be Spreading Malaria In Africa

Apparently, malaria was super-isolated before fossil fueled vehicles. Just a few cases. No big deal. But, now, Doom! How Climate Change Is Spreading Malaria in Africa Warming temperatures are chasing animals and plants to new habitats, sometimes with devastating consequences to ecosystems. But there is little evidence regarding how far and how fast the invaders […]

Too Good To Check: “Sources” Say Trump Wants Firing Squads, Hangings, And Group Executions

This is obviously just the start of the attacks on Trump, and certainly won’t be the craziest Trump’s plan for a 2nd term reportedly includes firing squads, hangings, and group executions As Donald Trump’s second re-election bid begins to pick up steam in the new year, details about the former president’s plans for his return […]

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