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Bummer: College Students Were Not Asked To Be Born Onto A Planet About To Be Destroyed By ‘Climate Change’

This is a perfect example of why I refer to this whole “movement” as a doomsday cult Opinion: How NC State can battle climate change Recently, I was invited to speak at the TEDxNCState event, held in Tompson Hall on the North Carolina State University campus on February 22, 2023. And today‚Äôs post in my […]

East Palestine A Test For Trump Backed JD Vance Or Something

The NY Times has really outdone themselves with this one. It’s actually, surprisingly, not a big hit piece on either Vance or Donald Trump. There are mild shots at raaaaacism, of course East Palestine Crisis Tests a Trump-Backed Senator As Donald J. Trump criticized the federal response to the train derailment that has shaken this […]

Bummer: There’s A Big Problem In Plugging In All The Solar And Wind Projects

This is what happens when the Government throws money at an (imaginary) problem with no actual plan The U.S. Has Billions for Wind and Solar Projects. Good Luck Plugging Them In. Plans to install 3,000 acres of solar panels in Kentucky and Virginia are delayed for years. Wind farms in Minnesota and North Dakota have […]

Hot Take: All That J6 Video Is A Weapon

The Democratic Party and their Credentialed Media Comrades, along with some of the unhinged Never Trumpers, are not taking it well that Kevin McCarthy gave Tucker Carlson all that J6 video, the video that the unhinged, ultra partisan committee did not want to let the public know about. And now, it’s apparently a weapon, according […]

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