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Sigh: Climate Crisis (scam) Is Causing More Earthquakes

I guess the editors at news outlets were giving a couple days respect for anywhere from 11,000-15,000 killed in the Turkey earthquakes Climate change is triggering more earthquakes. Big Oil’s interests are a factor On Monday, earthquakes in my country Turkey and neighbouring Syria left a trail of unprecedented devastation and a death toll surpassing […]

You Don’t Say: California Law Causes Prostitutes To Be All Over All The Time

When you repeal a law that banned loitering with the intent to engage in prostitution, well, what did you think was going to happen? Especially since California and so many Democratic Party run cities do not do anything about people wearing barely anything to nothing in public, performing adult acts in from of children, and […]

Climate Cult Scientists Want To Create A Cloud Of Moon Dust Around The Earth

What could possibly go wrong? Of course, the scientists will get lots and lots of government funding, and live pretty good lives with it These researchers want to launch dust from the moon to help cool Earth Imagine a world where global warming on Earth has meaningfully diminished. Fossil fuels are on the back burner. […]

Ron DeSantis Tells Trump He Doesn’t Spend Time Smearing Republicans

This stuff is not help Trump shares photos of DeSantis alleging he partied and drank with high school girls when he was a teacher Former President Donald Trump reposted a photo on Tuesday of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis that accused him of drinking alcohol with minors when he was a high school teacher. “That’s not […]

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