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Will Supreme Court Take Up Climate Crisis (scam) Deception Lawsuits Case?

It’s all about the Free Speech, you know Climate change consumer deception lawsuits threaten free speech. Will the Supreme Court take note? Courts are increasingly taking a close look at the validity of climate change lawsuits against oil producers. And for good reason: These cases severely test the boundaries of court jurisdiction, the breadth of […]

If All You See…

…is a tropical tree that will soon grow in Siberia, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The American Conservative, with a post on the National Air And Space Museum kicking out a bunch of Catholic high school kids for wearing beanies with pro-life messages.

Democrats Vote Against Federal Employees Returning To Work

Nothing better than paying federal employees to sit around at home and “work” rather than having them come back to the office and be supervised to sort of work, right? 205 Democrats vote against bill forcing federal workers to return to the office as COVID winds down Nearly every House Democrat on Wednesday voted against a Republican […]

Climate Cult’s Upset Society Isn’t Changing Fast Enough

Would you people just accept that you need to listen to your bettors and allow them to run your life already. Because this is all about Science Society isn’t changing fast enough to stop climate change: study A new report has found that significant social change is needed to halt catastrophic climate change — and society isn’t changing fast […]

LOL: GOP House To Investigate Biden Right After State Of The Union

This should be fun Republicans Are Set to Launch Biden Probe Hours After State of the Union Hours after Joe Biden delivers his State of the Union Address to Congress, House Republicans will launch their promised investigation into alleged Biden family “influence peddling,” effectively nullifying any message of unity the president may deliver. Wait, the […]

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