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Seattle NHL Arena To Be Named “Climate Pledge Arena” By Amazon

As of this time, the Seattle expansion NHL team doesn’t even have a name or logo or anything. But Amazon to Name Seattle NHL Arena the ‘Climate Pledge Arena’ As part of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ commitment to climate change, Seattle’s new NHL arena will be named Climate Pledge Arena. The arena, which was formerly […]

NFL Reportedly Set To Play Black National Anthem Prior To National Anthem

Will the NFL be surprised by terrible ratings for the 1st game? Low attendance? Low merchandise purchases? Hey, it’s not like Black Lives Matter is a Marxist organization, you know NFL plans to play Black national anthem before Week 1 games this season — New York Post (@nypost) July 2, 2020 Are you […]

Horror: Designated Hitter May Be Coming To The National League

If you are a National League fan, like me (I’ve rooted for the Dodgers since my t-ball days), you will either love or loathe this (Dodgers Nation) Baseball purists, you’re going to want to look away. Fans of keeping the designated hitter out of the National League are going to be very disappointed in the […]

NFL Commish Trying To Destroy 2020 Season Before It Begins

Sometimes, we just want to watch sports without a side of virtue signaling and SJW NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Says League Was ‘Wrong’ on Player Protests Against ‘Systematic Oppression of Black People’ NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said Friday, on behalf of all 32 teams, that Black Lives Matter and insisted that “we the National Football […]

Chicago Cubs Investigate “White Power” Sign On Camera

This is stupid. Just stupid. And will probably lose the Cubs some fans Cubs investigating fan’s alleged white power hand gesture, threaten lifetime ban The Chicago Cubs are investigating a fan at Tuesday night’s game who possibly flashed a white power symbol on TV during a live report from the Wrigley Field stands. The hand symbol was […]

Media Losing Minds Over Firing Of Mostly Black NFL Coaches

When everything is racist, can anything be racist? But, the media likes to create Outrage where it doesn’t exist Sports Media Outraged As Nearly All of NFL’s Black Head Coaches Fired The NFL began the regular season with seven black head coaches. However, as of Monday, that number is now down to two. Now out […]

Your Fault: Baseball Fans Are Dodging More ‘Climate Change’ Cold Snaps And Rain

If only you had given up your fossil fueled family vacations and agreed to pay carbon taxes Baseball fans dodging more cold snaps, heavy rainfall as climate patterns change The seats were sparse at last week’s rain-delayed match against the Pittsburgh Pirates, rain ponchos were the attire of the day and the tarp over the […]

Nike To Air Kaepernick Ad During Thursday’s Opener To Sell More Shoes

Remember, they refused to allow a veterans group to air an ad asking people to stand for the national anthem, but, they seem fine with a commercial featuring a guy who wore cops as pigs socks, gave money to a group supporting a cop killer, loves Fidel Castro, and hates white people. This should end […]

Nike Stock Falls On Kaepernick “Just Do It” Deal

Will this continue, or was just a quick market response? Nike Falls as Critics Fume on Social Media Over Kaepernick Deal The backlash started just hours after Colin Kaepernick, the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback who sparked controversy for kneeling during the national anthem, tweeted that he’s starring in Nike Inc.’s iconic “Just Do It” […]

Let’s Go Devils

Oh Yeah! Our 🎟 is 👊! The #NJDevils are #StanleyCup Playoffs bound! #NowWeRise — New Jersey Devils (@NJDevils) April 6, 2018 Absolutely no one picked the Devils to even get close to the Playoffs. Heck, even us fans thought this team was a year or so away.

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