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Whoops: MLB Moving All Star Game To 9% Black Denver From 51% Black Atlanta

Good job, Wokesters! You freaked out over a voting law you didn’t read and listened to idiots fearmongering and telling you lies about the new law. Now all the black business owners and workers are out somewhere between $38 million and $190 million in revenue from the game ‘Woke’ MLB moving All-Star Game from 51% […]

China Joe Whines About Texas Rangers Having Fans In Attendance

The Elites really do not like people getting back to normal, as that takes away their power to limit freedom President Joe Biden on Rangers allowing 100 percent capacity crowds: ‘I think it’s a mistake’ Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Texas Rangers have announced plans to fill Globe Life Field to 100 percent capacity this […]

Bummer: There’s A Huge Budget Difference Between Men’s And Women’s NCAA Tournaments

CNN’s Homer De la Fuente performs what Rush always called a “random act of journalism.” In the midst of attempting to slam this “sexist” inequity between the way the men’s NCAA tournament got a lot more money than the women’s, Homer exposes some blatant truths NCAA budget report shows it spent $13.5 million more for […]

Sports Illustrated Names The Activist Athlete Sportsperson Of The Year

This is really great. Multimillionaires who talk a big game but don’t actually do anything, well, other than drive fans away with their politics Apparently, talking and not doing is more important than actually playing sports — WilliamTeach2 (Parler – Wteach) (@WTeach2) December 7, 2020 SI’s 2020 Sportsperson of the Year: The Activist Athlete […]

The Sports Industry Will Be Made To Comply With Cult Of Climastrology

See, here’s the problem: major and minor league sports leagues and teams have climavirtue signaled on ‘climate change’ already, so, the climate cultists will demand more Opinion: The sports industry must tackle its role in the climate crisis For many people, sports are the love of their life. With screaming fans and dedication that knows […]

NFL Kickoff Ratings Down 16.1% From 2019

The NFL should probably consider this a win, considering how many of their main consumer base said would not watch NFL ratings: Initial results show decline for K.C.-Houston kickoff game The initial wave of NFL ratings for Thursday night’s season kickoff have arrived, and the preliminary numbers are down for the NFL. However, the event was the […]

Seattle NHL Arena To Be Named “Climate Pledge Arena” By Amazon

As of this time, the Seattle expansion NHL team doesn’t even have a name or logo or anything. But Amazon to Name Seattle NHL Arena the ‘Climate Pledge Arena’ As part of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ commitment to climate change, Seattle’s new NHL arena will be named Climate Pledge Arena. The arena, which was formerly […]

NFL Reportedly Set To Play Black National Anthem Prior To National Anthem

Will the NFL be surprised by terrible ratings for the 1st game? Low attendance? Low merchandise purchases? Hey, it’s not like Black Lives Matter is a Marxist organization, you know NFL plans to play Black national anthem before Week 1 games this season — New York Post (@nypost) July 2, 2020 Are you […]

Horror: Designated Hitter May Be Coming To The National League

If you are a National League fan, like me (I’ve rooted for the Dodgers since my t-ball days), you will either love or loathe this (Dodgers Nation) Baseball purists, you’re going to want to look away. Fans of keeping the designated hitter out of the National League are going to be very disappointed in the […]

NFL Commish Trying To Destroy 2020 Season Before It Begins

Sometimes, we just want to watch sports without a side of virtue signaling and SJW NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Says League Was ‘Wrong’ on Player Protests Against ‘Systematic Oppression of Black People’ NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said Friday, on behalf of all 32 teams, that Black Lives Matter and insisted that “we the National Football […]

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