Your Fault: Global Boiling Can Harm Soccer

Seriously, a slight uptick in average temperatures is dooming what those weird Europeans call football

Football’s climate change threat: Flooded stadiums, too hot to train

“God blessed Fulham with great geography,” the Premier League club’s owner Shahid Khan said in 2021 as he discussed his vision for Craven Cottage’s new £80 million stand on the north bank of the River Thames.

Once it is finally completed next season, the Riverside Stand and its eye-catching Sky Deck will offer fans rooftop views of the London skyline and “experiential food and drink pop-ups.” Images of the lavish construction released by the club in March also depict a rooftop swimming pool. There is, though, one glaring issue with the development: the stadium is predicted to be underwater by 2050.

Fulham are by no means the only team predicted to suffer as sea levels rise in line with global temperatures because of climate change. Almost one in four stadiums in the top four divisions of English football will experience total or partial flooding within the next quarter of a century, according to the report “Playing Against the Clock: Global Sport, the Climate Emergency and the Case for Rapid Change,” published by the Rapid Transition Alliance in 2020.

Premier League clubs, despite their riches, will not be exempt, with the likes of Chelsea and West Ham United likely to face annual flooding, as will U.S. sports teams including the Jacksonville JaguarsMiami Heat and New York Mets. The New York Giants and the New York Jets‘ MetLife Stadium is also predicted to be submerged every year.

For MetLife, this would require a minimum sea rise of 9 feet. Fulham would require almost 19 feet. I’m not going to bother with the others, it’s just the same old same old scaremongering, especially when talking about his happening by 2050. You can look at the topographic maps yourself, you know, actual facts and data, which the climate cult media never bothers with.

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8 Responses to “Your Fault: Global Boiling Can Harm Soccer”

  1. James Lewis says:

    ” the stadium is predicted to be underwater by 2050.”

    And I proclaim that this will not happen.

    Just another unsupported claim to go with Algpore’s BS and others like it.

  2. Dana says:

    “Too hot to train”? Where do these pussified Europeans think the Miami Dolphins and Jacksonville Jaguars and other real football teams train?

    The southernmost point in Great Britain is Lizard Point, in Cornwall, at 49º 57′ 30″ north latitude, which is above the 49th parallel, our long, straight border with Canada!

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      The Europeans (and the South Americans) have perfected real football (what we used to call “kickball”, but now begrudgingly call “soccer”).

      But androgen-stimulated American football is ten to a hundred-fold more fun to watch!

      Great Britain’s local climate is not just controlled by latitude but also by the major warming ocean currents. That’s why Scotland is habitable but Yukon much less so!! Or it could be Scottish pussies are just tougher than Canadian he-men.

      • Brother John says:

        No, that’s not “kickball.” Kickball is baseball played with a large rubber ball that is rolled and kicked rather than pitched and batted.

        Nobody cares if metric football (“soccer”) disappears.

  3. H says:

    Mr Teach
    “Flooding” regularly occurs in areas that are substantially ABOVE SEA LEVEL
    If MetLife Stadium is 9′ above sea level and safe, Mr Teach why did you question Obamas decision to buy a houde that is much higher ?

  4. H says:

    Ohh I just saw the specs on Hondas flagship EV, quite impressive. 10 mins charge gives 65 miles range.

  5. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    The Earth is warming and as a global issue the impacts will be far and wide. We’ll have to adjust. What’s the big deal?

    Sure, things will be different but we’ll adapt. Too hot to train some days? We’ll train in our indoor stadium, duh.

    Regarding “global boiling”: Water boils at 100 Celsius (212 Fahrenheit). The Earth’s average surface temperature is about 59 Fahrenheit (15 Celsius). On the other the second warmest planet in our solar system, Mercury, on a long day reaches 800 Fahrenheit, boiling anything around. Venus too reaches over 800 on its sunny days. So, global boiling surely occurs on Mercury, Venus and our Moon (during the lunar day0, but not Earth.

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