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Good News: UN Climate Chief Says We Have Two Years To Stop Doom

Which happens more, me writing “practice what you preach” or Warmists coming out with end of world SOON! predictions (via The First Street Journal) U.N. climate chief says two years to save the planet Governments, business leaders and development banks have two years to take action to avert far worse climate change, the U.N.’s climate […]

If All You See…

…is an Evil fossil fueled vehicle, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is 90Ninety Miles From Tyranny, with a post on quick hits of wisdom, knowledge, and snark.

Almost Half Of UK, US Muslims Back Hamas

Any who support Hamas should have their citizenship revoked, provided they weren’t born in the US, or their resident status revoked, and deported. Same with all those in the UK. Stop importing people who support Islamism Nearly Half of U.S. Muslims, Like U.K. Muslims, Support Hamas in War A recent poll by the Pew Research […]

EU Court Hands Win To Group Of Older Swiss Women On Climate Crisis (scam)

Hooray, you won! After a lifetime of being able to travel around using fossil fuels, living the high life, you have now created a situation where the Swiss government will have to Do Something that will increase the cost of living, increase taxation, and reduce freedom and life choices. Kudos! Swiss women win landmark climate […]

Louisiana Looks To Pass Texas Style Illegal Immigration Bill

Is Louisiana having that much of a problem with illegal aliens crossing into the state? Regardless, it would be awesome if every state run by Republicans with a Republican governor would do this Louisiana proposes bill similar to Texas’ migrant arrest law Louisiana’s Republican-controlled Senate advanced a bill Monday that would empower state and local […]

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