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ICJ Receives 91 Statements On Whether “Climate Polluting” Nations Must Pay

Obviously, these are pretty much all 2nd and 3rd World nations who are looking for some sweet, sweet, no strings attached moola International Court Receives 91 Written Statements In Climate Change Opinion The International Court of Justice has announced that a record high 91 member states and organizations have submitted written statements on its advisory opinion […]

If All You See…

…are Bad Weather clouds from carbon pollution approaching, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is American Greatness, with a post on the Post Office considering raising the price of a stamp to 73 cents.

California Labor Group Pushing For $20 Restaurant Minimum Wage For All Workers

Even after watching the results of the restaurant wage bill, with all the layoffs and price increases, the head honchos will get the peasants to push for this. Which is easy, because the peasants see easy money for low skilled work and head honchos won’t lose their own cushy, over-paid jobs Labor group demands California’s […]

Hawaii Water Shortage From Climate Doom Puts Them On “Verge Of Catastrophe” Or Something

Perhaps if they’d shut down all their airports things would get better Hawaii is “on the verge of catastrophe,” locals say, as water crisis continues In Hawaii, one of the most important sayings is ola i ka wai, “water is life” — a phrase that not only sums up what it means to exist on […]

Sanctuary City Denver To Cut Police, Fire Department Budgets To Cover Illegal Aliens

Let’s not forget that SCD has already cut hours for Parks and Recreation and the DMV (weird that that’s not a state function), and are even cutting some employees hours to zero (though it is not a “layoff”). What’s next? (Daily Caller) The Democratic-run city of Denver, Colorado, plans to defund its police department to […]

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