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25 States File Legal Challenge To Biden’s EV Mandate

OK, fine, it’s not actually a mandate, but, it operates in the same manner, forcing free US citizens into EVs they do not want Half of US states revolt against EPA crackdown on gas cars with major legal challenge A coalition of 25 state attorneys general filed a legal challenge Thursday against the Biden administration […]

If All You See…

…is a horrible 1%er tennis court increasing carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Feral Irishman, with a post on the police showing up at a British man’s house. And thus ends fit ladies week. Any ideas for next week?

Iowa Governor Signs Bill Which Could Remove Illegals From State

It wouldn’t be necessary for states to pass any laws if the federal government under Joe Biden would simply do its job Iowa governor signs ‘illegal reentry’ migrant bill into law A new bill signed by Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds (R) on Wednesday will make it illegal for a person to be in the state […]

Kenyans Switch From Cows To Camels To Fight Global Boiling Or Something

One would think the Kenyans would be like “why are all these 1st World elitists trying to keep us from having the same modern life they’ve been living?” “If there was no climate change, we would not even bother to buy these camels,” said Jonathan Lati Lelelit, governor of Samburu. The government there is distributing […]

Surprise: 13 Democrats Vote Against Resolution Condemning Iran For Attack On Israel

And they’re all exactly who you think they are, and, unsurprisingly, this is being ignored by most media outlets 13 Dems vote against resolution condemning Iran after Israel strike More than a dozen House Democrats voted against a resolution condemning Iran’s airstrikes on Israel Thursday. The resolution, which also affirms U.S. support for Israel responding […]

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