25 States File Legal Challenge To Biden’s EV Mandate

OK, fine, it’s not actually a mandate, but, it operates in the same manner, forcing free US citizens into EVs they do not want

Half of US states revolt against EPA crackdown on gas cars with major legal challenge

Electric vehicleA coalition of 25 state attorneys general filed a legal challenge Thursday against the Biden administration over recent environmental regulations targeting gas-powered car emissions and pushing electric vehicles (EVs).

Led by Kentucky Attorney General Russell Coleman and West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey, the coalition filed a challenge against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, asking the court to declare the new rules unlawful. According to the filing, the EPA regulations impose “unworkable emissions standards” on passenger cars and medium-duty vehicles.

“Conservative attorneys general are slamming the brakes on President Biden’s radical green agenda that is using the weight of the federal government to force expensive EVs on families, workers and farmers,” Coleman said in a statement to Fox News Digital.

“Even if Americans wanted to buy an electric car, we can’t afford them amid historic inflation,” he continued. “We’re taking President Biden’s EPA to court to block this latest big-government mandate and protect the free market.”

If you want one, get one. The federal government has no business telling the citizens what they can and cannot drive. Where is the statutory authority in the Constitution? Even if Congress passed a law, under what Constitutional principle? If a state wants to do this, go for it. If their own constitution allows it. The AGs should be asking if all the EPA folks forcing this down our throats are driving one. And, since this really originates from the White House, why Biden isn’t driving one.

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18 Responses to “25 States File Legal Challenge To Biden’s EV Mandate”

  1. Brother John says:

    Where is the statutory authority in the Constitution?

    There isn’t any for the EPA, so if we’re being serious, just abolish that stupid money suck already and be done.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      William Teach should notify the Supreme Court that federal agencies are unConstitutional!!

      The feds aren’t authorized regulate anything, only the states can!! Those animals in Minnesota and Illinois should be able and pour all their unprocessed shit and nuclear wastes into the Mississippi and let those patriots in Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana worry about it.

      Colorado should switch to cheap coal-fired power plants, with no scrubbers and let OK, KS and MO worry about it!!

      All those federal safety regs on auto safety should be state regs, if any at all. A patriot should be able to buy a Chinese-made sans all that unnecessary “safety” crap – air bags, seat belts, anti-locks; and that anti-pollution nonsense, catalytic converters, etc. Let the states decide!!!

      • drowningpuppies says:

        Karen (aka Rimjob) telling people what they should do again.

      • Brother John says:

        The usual idiocy from this dipshit:

        ME: The EPA, Department of Education, HUD, etc etc etc etc are all unconstitutional, make a mess of everything they touch, waste our money for the sake of special interests, and should be abolished forthwith.

        RIMMY: Guess you don’t want roads and think kids should stay stupid, huh?

        WTF? Why does any of this nonsense sound right to you?

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:

          ME: The Supreme Court should be notified that the EPA, Dept Ed, HuD etc etc etc are unConstitutional…

          DIPPY: That’s what I said, you stealer…

          • Brother John says:

            Does that word salad make the slightest bit of sense to you? Does that response sound at all reasonable? WTF is wrong with you?

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            We’re onto your methods.

            ME: Ukraine and Finland were both flirting with NATO. Both have lengthy borders with Russia. Putin and his apologists claimed Ukraine was a great threat to Russia because the US would put nukes in Ukraine and or it would put a NATO nation on their border, although Estonia and Latvia are NATO nations.

            Finland has now become part of NATO. Why didn’t Putin invade Finland earlier?

            Numbnutz: If you don’t know why, you’re stoopid!!

            ME: The Supreme Court has permitted the EPA, Depts of Education, Labor, Energy, Defense, FBI, USDA, FDA, NIH, DHS, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Treasury, Commerce, HUD, IRS, Transportation, NASA etc. Abolish them. States rights!!

            If all these functions are unConstitutional why haven’t the Supreme Court(s) ruled them so?

            Numbnutz: If you don’t know, you’re stoopid!

  2. ST says:

    LIVE: President Donald J. Trump Holds a Rally in Wilmington, N.C. – 4/20/24


  3. Matthew says:

    Could we start by allowing the market to drive the development of EV technology and the adoption of EV use at a realistic, somewhat attainable rate?

    Electricity generation and distribution cannot begin to support the rate of EV use goals of any state government, much less all of them at once.

    Physically and logistically impossible feats cannot be accomplished by fiat.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      The market!! Let the market drive the development of cigarettes, heroin, slavery, fentanyl, methamphetamine, prostitution, suicide, abortion, transgender kids, air pollution, water pollution, immigration/employment, prescription drugs, Social Security, health care, etc.

      The largest and greatest economy in the history of economies has been regulated to death by unelected regulators making regulations!! If we had left everything to the the “invisible hand” we would now have the largest and greatest economy in the history of economies! And be free!! Now we have rules telling us where and how to live. Want to butcher goats in your suburban back yard? NIMBY! Want to bury radioactive and dangerous hospital wastes on your property? NIMBY! Turkey shoots in your backyard? NIMBY! Machine guns for deer hunting? Nope, regulated away.

      US companies need cheap labor but our regulating regulators tell the invisible hand how much to pay labor, how they may work, the hours to work, what safety equipment they must wear, how much to set aside for their retirement, how they provide health care. The regulating regulators AT THE FUGGING FEDERAL LEVEL won’t even allow farmers and manufacturers to hire cheap laborers from Mexico!!!

      The stupid regulating regulators have made our automobiles too expensive with all their safety equipment; belts and bags and padding and safety glass and headlights and antilock brakes and traction control and safety inspections. And the unnecessary “pollution” controls are even worse. Tetraethyl-free gasoline, CAFE regulations, catalytic converters, oxygen sensors, air pumps, emissions inspections, blah, blah, blah… The first new car I bought cost $1700!!

      The components of the human body are worth some $600 but we spend thousands if not millions of dollars to save one! It makes no economic sense. Let the market decide!

  4. Debbie Avery says:

    No EV for me. I will ride a horse or horse and buggy if they outlaw gas powered vehicles

  5. Dan says:

    LOL! Waiting for a Federal “judge” to dismiss the suit….for “lack of standing”, the courts favorite excuse for round filing lawsuits they don’t like.

  6. […] 25 States File Legal Challenge To Biden’s EV Mandate […]

  7. Facts Matter says:

    Did you know that roughly 50 percent of the F D A’s Funding comes from the major drug makers in the USA and abroad? Yes nearly 50 percent, so the FDA is regulating the companies that pay their salaries. Only in the USA.

    Do you all understand that right now, the farmers in Poland have blocked the Border to Ukraine over the dumping of grain onto the markets through Poland while leaving the Polish farmers to fend for themselves?

    Why are we so adamant about giving Ukraine all this money? Why is France willing to put soldiers into Ukraine to fight against Russia? Why have Finland and Norway told their nations to prepare for war? Why is the UK turning to a wartime economy?

    Burning questions that only the billionaires of this world can answer.

    Well, if you dive deep into Ukraine’s grain markets, you will find that Ukraine does not even own its own grain farms. Ukraine is being bought and sold all over the world, so much so that China has jumped on board with Russia, which wants a slice of that pie.

    So who are the culprits of this Ukraine raping, and Poland farmer bashing? That would be Blackrock and Vanguard, trillion-dollar companies that would not blink to funnel money under the table to 100 Republicans who voted for Ukraine’s recent Nearly 90 billion funding.

    Most of this money does not even get to these nations and certainly not in the areas of need. Hmm, I wonder where it goes?

    Meanwhile, the USA has crime running rampant, an open border that is flooding with Illegals who are now setting up cartel outposts within the several states of the Glorious Union. Inflation is 10 percent not 3.5 percent. Significant companies are laying off in droves, and the only reason there is not a recession of monumental proportions is that the Fed keeps printing money to shore up the economy and drive up inflation.

    But cheer up, at least the left is ranting and raving and losing their collective minds over the new movie CIVIL WAR because the movie did not take sides and go woke and ended up broke.

  8. Jl says:

    If you take this “logic” to its end point, what’s to stop this unelected bureaucracy from just banning cars all together? If they can ban one kind, they can ban both kind.

  9. unklc says:

    Matthew is on point, let the market drive the EV adoption. Government mandates will only cause more economic chaos. The pols and bureaucrats are only interested in keeping their jobs and the perks that come with them, not the citizens and the health of the country.
    I was recently discussing EV’s with an friend who was retired from a large electric company and had some dealings with charge points and right of way acquisition. That’s a major issue with EV’s and electric distribution as is generation. There aren’t enough charge points and not enough juice the serve them. No matter what the facists and bureaucrats dictate. There will be a period of time and an enormous amount of money required to build the infrastructure required and no one needs to guess where that money will ultimately come from.
    EV’s will eventually be a segment of the vehicle market, the size of the segment is yet to be determined.

    • Professor Hale says:

      Matthew is on point, let the market drive the EV adoption.

      We already lost that fight. The Government has decided that they are going to “help” the EV market because the free market can’t be trusted to come to the right solution.

  10. JimS says:

    The States shouldn’t ask the Federal courts to drop this, they should tell them it’s dropped. It’s insane to let the Feds define the limits of their own power, that’s the job of the States that formed it.

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