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4.3 Million Workers About To Learn That Demanding OT Doesn’t Always Work Out Like They Expect

In fairness, there certainly are issues with deeming some employees as “exempt”, meaning they are salaried and cannot get OT. Some companies will deem supervisors at the low end exempt to avoid paying them OT when they do not really have much in the way of power. Still, this may not go well 4.3 million […]

If All You See…

…are palm trees which will soon grow in Alaska due to global boiling, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is bluebird of bitterness, with a post on a feel good story.

Statists On FCC Vote To Restore Obama Era Net Neutrality

This was always a bad solution in search of a problem. But, it’s also about the authoritarians gaining control over the Wild West Internet Net Neutrality Returns to a Very Different Internet The Federal Communications Commission has voted—once again—to assert its power to oversee and regulate the activities of the broadband industry in the United States. In […]

EPA Announces New Standards Which Will Raise Energy Prices

It doesn’t really matter to the Elites who makes these rules (do they have the statutory authority to do this?) because they tend to be rich so it doesn’t bother their pocketbooks. To the working and middle class? This will hurt in a time when energy is already high EPA to announce new energy standards […]

Surprise: Terrorists Attack Biden’s Gaza Aid Pier

Is there anyone other than those in the Biden regime who didn’t think this would happen? U.S. humanitarian pier attacked during construction work off Gaza coast I told you that this would happen.https://t.co/b4WkfnsciC — John The Main Guy – Am Yisrael Chai (@JohnTheMainGuy1) April 25, 2024 From the link Gazan terrorists fired mortar shells on […]

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