EPA Announces New Standards Which Will Raise Energy Prices

It doesn’t really matter to the Elites who makes these rules (do they have the statutory authority to do this?) because they tend to be rich so it doesn’t bother their pocketbooks. To the working and middle class? This will hurt in a time when energy is already high

EPA to announce new energy standards aimed at cleaner air and curbing climate change

The Environmental Protection Agency released long-awaited updated power plant standards Thursday, aiming to further reduce air pollution that makes people sick and the greenhouse gases emissions warming the planet.

Federal officials said Wednesday that the rules would deliver on the Biden administration’s commitment to provide health protections for communities, including those confronted with decades of environmental injustices.

“Since the start of this administration President Biden has made it clear that we are committed to the integrated priorities of ensuring U.S. energy security, protecting people from pollution and fighting the climate crisis,” said EPA Administrator Michael Regan.

How much air pollution and “carbon pollution” is released by Biden constantly flying to and from his Delaware homes/Camp David? All those jumbo jets, helicopters, fighter jets, and SUVs?

Together, the rules are expected to provide up to $370 billion in climate and public health net benefits over the next two decades while providing a more predictable regulatory outlook for power companies, the officials said. The EPA said it doesn’t expect any erosion of electricity generation or grid reliability.

Yeah yeah yeah. How much more will it cost them? These are the 4 rules

  • Require all coal-fired power plants that plan to run in the long term, and all new natural-gas-fired plants, to control 90% of their carbon pollution.
  • Strengthen and update mercury and toxic air standards for coal-fired power plants, tighten the emissions standard for toxic metals by 67%, and reduce emissions of mercury and other contaminants that are important for children and others who regularly consume fish with high levels of pollutants from power plants.
  • Reduce pollutants discharged through wastewater from coal-fired power plants by more than 660 million pounds a year by setting wastewater discharge standards.
  • Require the safe management of coal ash placed in areas previously unregulated at the federal level, including at previously used disposal sites.

They sound good, but, most have been running safe levels for decades. This just makes it so stringent, along with “carbon pollution” (again, not even a scientific term, but, a political term), that coal plants will have to shut down, with almost nothing to replace them. Democrats need to keep their mouths shut over skyrocketing power bill, because they voted for this.

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5 Responses to “EPA Announces New Standards Which Will Raise Energy Prices”

  1. H says:

    28% of the currently operating coal plants plan on shutting down in the next 11 years.
    Mr Teach thinks this energy deficit can/will not be filled by renewables.

    But at least he no longer is predicting “skyrocketing” costs. Only 1/3 of your electric bill goes towards generation. The remainder goes to transmission costs and “overhead” which also includes profits for our privately owned grid operators

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      Spoken like a devout communist. Those nasty local privately owned grid operators should have their property confiscated and they should be incarcerated, perhaps in the peoples pole barn #7.

    • Jl says:

      Poor Johnny-no, they can’t be filled by renewables alone. The unreliables need fossil fuel back-up

    • Dana says:

      We need more coal-burning power plants!

      As of January 1, 2022, the demonstrated reserve base (DRB) was estimated to contain 470 billion short tons of coal. In the United States, coal resources are larger than remaining natural gas and oil resources, based on total British thermal units (Btu).

      Coal is the United States most abundant energy-generation source, and it’s utterly foolish to waste that resource.

  2. JG says:

    Biden’s EPA is all about destroying the USA. Nothing they are doing is helping the USA, the people, or the environment. What the EPA does helps other countries.

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