Pro-Hamas Mob Chases NYPD Chief Into NYU Building

This very much encapsulates “mostly peaceful”

NYPD chief swarmed by anti-Israel protesters and berated while seeking shelter in NYU building

Out of control New York University protesters swarmed and berated an NYPD chief and his officers – calling them “f–king fascists” – after they cuffed one of the demonstrators at an anti-Israel rally, wild new video shows.

The viral video, shared on X, shows NYPD Assistant Chief James McCarthy and his officers being chased and surrounded by protestors on Monday night while trying to get inside the NYU Catholic Center after arresting one of them.

“F–k you! F–k you, pigs,” the crowd could be heard shouting as they harassed the officers and demanded they release the woman in custody. (snip)

The protesters were left on the other side of the glass doors, with officers holding the entrance shut as the demonstrators banged against the doors and hurled more insults at them.

It’s pretty bad when the chief of police of the NYPD and a host of officers have to seek shelter from people who are supposed to be “just protesters”, wouldn’t you say? But, then, these people are backing an Islamic terrorist group, not exactly known for being peaceful. It might be high time to send in the National Guard, but, you can bet the Powers That Be are yammering about being concerned with escalation.


(NY Post) Police peacefully arrested 93 student protesters at the University of Southern California on Wednesday, hours after police at a Texas university aggressively detained dozens in the latest clashes between law enforcement and those protesting the Israel-Hamas war on campuses nationwide. (snip)

Officers made 34 arrests at the behest of the university and Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott, according to the state Department of Public Safety.

Yeah, the video all over the ‘net shows it wasn’t exactly peaceful at either.

Dane Urquhart, a third-year Texas student, called the police presence and arrests an “overreaction,” adding that the protest “would have stayed peaceful” if the officers had not turned out in force.

When “protesters” are talking about killing Jews, destroying Israel, and “globalizing the Intifada” while wearing keffiyehs (probably made in China) that are symbols of Palestinians killing Jews, you’ve lost free speech and protest rights

North of USC, students at California State Polytechnic University, Humboldt, were barricaded inside a building for a third day, and the school shut down campus through the weekend and made classes virtual.

Harvard University in Massachusetts had sought to stay ahead of protests this week by limiting access to Harvard Yard and requiring permission for tents and tables.

And, at all these colleges and others, Jewish students are being harassed and terrorized, assaulted in some cases, blocked from movement, trapped in building, hence, these are no longer peaceful protests per the US Constitution and the constitutions of the states. No longer lawful free speech. Democrats created this, tolerated this, and now are seeing the monster they created.

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4 Responses to “Pro-Hamas Mob Chases NYPD Chief Into NYU Building”

  1. H says:

    Hamas has also offered to disarm if there is a 2 state solution

    • CarolAnn says:

      H is another Democrat for Muslim terrorists question? I’m shocked! But I am not surprised that H would believe that Hamas will disarm because let’s face it all terrorist groups disarm when asked. It’s historical fact check it out Google it. You can always trust a terrorist organization especially a Muslim terrorist organization Google it.

  2. H says:

    In lufed in dthd group of over 20 student organizations involved in the NYU group are Jews for Peace and Jews against Zionism.
    Many of the most Orthodox Jews are against Zionism because it conflicts with their interpretation of the Torah. They think not state until the Messiah comes. In NYC they are very visible because of their dress. They are ultra conservative.

  3. Bear Claw says:

    Catholic center, bwahahaha. Probably catholic charities center who has facilitated thousands of these gimmegrants into our country

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