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FBI Launches New “Hate Crimes” Snitching Program

The FBI apparently has nothing better to do than to turn American against American, and missed that whole pesky Freedom of Speech part of the Bill Of Rights, which is also present in every single U.S. state constitution. And that being mean to someone is not something that crosses state borders. Here’s the Pittsburgh Post […]

MSNBC: Religious Exemptions For Vaccine Mandates Shouldn’t Exist Or Something

No one is really surprised that MSNBC is publishing a piece like this, right? Covid vaccine religious exemptions should not exist. Here’s why. The law defending religious exemptions for vaccine mandates doesn’t exist. The law allows for vaccine requirements without religious exemptions. Not only that, but morality mandates it. Therefore, we should abolish religious exemptions […]

Surgeon General To Monitor People Claiming Exemptions From Vaccination Mandate

This isn’t creepy in the least. And adds another layer to the unconstitutionality of Sleepy Joe’s mandate Surgeon general: US to ‘monitor’ whether vaccine exemptions being used properly U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy has advised that the Biden administration will “monitor” to ensure no one abuses COVID-19 vaccine exemptions. President Biden last week announced […]

Next Up: Having To Prove Your Deeply Held Religious Beliefs To Avoid Vaccine Mandates

No one saw this coming, right? That the vaccine pushers would look to limit people’s 1st Amendment Rights of religion? Religious exemptions to vaccine mandates could test ‘sincerely held beliefs’ Religious exemptions could prove to be the latest legal battlefield of the pandemic, as Americans opposed to the coronavirus vaccine attempt to find ways around employer and government […]

FBI Report Notes “Scant Evidence” Mostly Peaceful Capitol Protest Was Coordinated

Democrats to call the FBI dupes of Trump. When they aren’t simply ignoring the report. Perhaps they’ll give it the Mueller Report treatment, which failed to give them the ammunition they wanted, so, they’ll want another report Exclusive: FBI finds scant evidence U.S. Capitol attack was coordinated – sources The FBI has found scant evidence […]

We Could Defeat Domestic Terrorism With The “For The People Act” Or Something

Religious and civil rights leaders are apparently unhappy that certain people are allowed to vote Religious, civil rights leaders urge Congress to take actions to combat domestic terrorism Representatives from religious and civil rights organizations outlined several specific steps at a Senate hearing Tuesday that members of Congress should take to combat domestic terrorism and […]

North Carolina Man Charged With Placing Mean Stickers

Wait, what? Cary man charged with placing racist stickers at Mexican restaurants. What they said A Cary, NC man has been arrested after police say he placed “I (heart) being white” stickers in and around two Mexican restaurants over the weekend. John Kantz, 60, has been charged with ethnic intimidation, said Capt. John Reeves, a […]

California Appeals Court Shoots Down Mandatory Pronoun Use

When California passed the law, most people said it would be shot down. California lawmakers don’t take much time to consider the Constitutional ramifications of their law, hoping that liberals on the courts will back them California Appeals Court: Mandatory Transgender Pronouns Violate First Amendment The California Third District Court of Appeals ruled unanimously Friday […]

White House Is “Turning Up The Heat On COVID Misinformation”

Now, again, imagine this was the Trump White House doing this: how would CNN respond. In a blase’ manner, or full throated barking moonbat apoplexy? White House turns up heat on Big Tech’s Covid ‘disinformation dozen’ The White House turned up the pressure on Silicon Valley to get a handle on vaccine misinformation Thursday, specifically […]

China Joe Admin Comes Out With Plans On “Domestic Extremists”

First, you know that the administration will not go after groups like BLM, Antifa, and other left wing groups. Second, this sure seems to be creating government surveillance and more of people engaged in their 1st Amendment rights White House unveils strategy to battle domestic extremism The White House unveiled its plan for addressing domestic […]

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