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…is horrible heat snow from carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist

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Cancel Culture Warriors Come After James Webb

Who is James Webb? NASA notes

The man whose name NASA has chosen to bestow upon the successor to the Hubble Space Telescope is most commonly linked to the Apollo moon program, not to science.

Yet, many believe that James E. Webb, who ran the fledgling space agency from February 1961 to October 1968, did more for science than perhaps any other government official and that it is only fitting that the Next Generation Space Telescope would be named after him.

The guy was a titan of space exploration and the operations of NASA. So, of course

From the link

Cancel Culture AlligatorA NASA advisor quit following the agency’s decision to keep naming a $10 billion space telescope after a former administrator who was the US undersecretary of state during the dismissal of gay and lesbian federal employees in the 1940s and 1950s.

Lucianne Walkowicz, who identifies as nonbinary, wrote an open letter to NASA’s Astrophysics Advisory Committee on Tuesday, saying that they were resigning as an advisor over the way the agency had handled a request to rename the James Webb Space Telescope.

More than 1,200 people, including Walkowicz, have signed an open petition calling for the James Webb Space Telescope to be renamed. The petition cited the persecution of gay and lesbian government workers while Webb was the US undersecretary of state from 1949 to 1952. This was during the period referred to as the “Lavender Scare,” when thousands of federal employees were dismissed or forced to resign because of their sexuality.

The open petition also mentioned the former NASA employee Clifford L. Norton, who was fired in the 1960s after NASA said he made a “homosexual advance” amounting to “immoral, indecent, and disgraceful conduct,” said a record of the case on Justia, a website that keeps online databases of legal cases. The incident that led to Norton’s dismissal happened while Webb was NASA administrator.

NASA’s decision to keep the space telescope named after Webb “sends a clear message of NASA’s position on the rights of queer astronomers,” Walkowicz said in the open letter. “It also speaks clearly to me that NASA does not deserve my time,” they said.

OK, bye. I will give Walkowicz credit for quitting, since most of these cancel culture SJWs like to make a lot of threats but never put their money where their mouths are. And, unsurprisingly, she has purple hair. And, if you check that open letter link, she wants to name it the Harriet Tubman Space Telescope for some reason. Mostly, though, she was simply on the NASA Astrophysics Advisory Board, so, wasn’t actually in an important position doing space stuff.

And, of those 1,200 who signed the petition, not many seem to actually work for NASA. Many are “astronomy enthusiasts”, meaning they have a telescope in their backyard. Most have nothing to do with NASA.

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Good News, Surrender Joe Has A Plan To Protect Your Retirement And Savings From Climate Crisis (scam)

What could possibly go wrong with Los Federales mandating a helping hand?

Biden just released a plan to protect Americans’ retirements and savings from the ‘urgent and systemic risk’ of the climate crisis

President Joe Biden has made clear that acting on the climate crisis is a top priority for his administration – and he also wants to ensure Americans’ wallets aren’t being hurt in the process.

On Friday, Biden unveiled a 40-page report, entitled “A Roadmap to Build a Climate-Resilient Economy,” which focuses on mitigating the financial risks climate change places on people’s retirements, pensions, savings, and more. This follows up on an executive order the president signed in May, which was dedicated to analyzing and mitigating the risk the climate crisis poses to homeowners, businesses, consumers, and the government. (snip)

Specifically, the report outlines a “whole-of-government” approach to promoting the resilience of the US financial system to climate-related risks, protecting life savings and pensions, incorporating climate related financial risk into federal lending, like mortgages, and building more resilient infrastructure.

The report says government agencies such as the Labor Department, Treasury, and Dept. of Veterans Affairs will work to develop tools to mitigate the financial risks across sectors, and they will be releasing subsequent details in coming months.

A 40 page report that doesn’t have the details? Try that in private business, your bosses will wonder what the point of the report is. Anyhow, what that report is pushing should scare everyone with any money, any savings, and retirement accounts. How involved will Los Federales become? Especially when this is a far left Modern Socialist administration. As it stands, Biden and his Comrades already want to know about every bank transaction of over $600. Why is this their business? Further, Biden wanted to know about every bank account with at least $600 in it. His Congressional Comrades are looking to raise that to $10,000. Again, why is this their business?

Anyhow, perhaps there’s a reason, beyond simply running everyone’s lives and making them beholden to Los Federales, for the plan?

Biden pledged during his campaign to reduce fossil fuel usage, and he is pushing for Democrats’ $3.5 trillion social-spending bill to be passed, which includes investments to combat the climate crisis, such as green affordable housing. While there’s no question on the urgency of the crisis, though, Bank of America economist Ethan Harris wrote in a Friday note that actions addressing the climate will likely hurt economic growth “during the transition from a dirty to green economy” because workers will need to move from one sector to another.

But in the long-term, as Harris noted, the stunted economic growth will be well worth it. The United Nations in August released a harrowing report saying some of global warming’s effects will be “irreversible for centuries to millennia,” emphasizing how there’s no time to wait when it comes to addressing climate change.

“Hurt economic growth” means “destroy the economy”. This won’t hurt rich folks, like those in Congress and Let’s Go Brandon, of course. Joe’s report includes lots of stuff like massive financial regulations, taking lots of private money for climate crazy projects, involving themselves into all people’s money and retirement savings, how people save, what they’re allowed to save.

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Navy Sets Guidelines To Boot Out Unvaccinated Members, Goes After SEALs

First, let’s take a look at the NY Times

The Unvaccinated May Not Be Who You Think

The research and data we do have show that significant portions of the unvaccinated public were confused and concerned, rather than absolutely opposed to vaccines.

The Covid States team shared with me more than a thousand comments from unvaccinated people who were surveyed. Scrolling through them, I noticed a lot more fear than certainty. There was the very, very rare “it’s a hoax” and “it’s a gene therapy,” but most of it was a version of: I’m not sure it’s safe. Was it developed too fast? Do we know enough? There was also a lot of fear of side effects, worries about lack of Food and Drug Administration approval and about yet-undiscovered dangers.

How many are resisting on religious reasons? How many are simply just not ready for something that seemed to appear out of nowhere with little research and testing? How many are now confused as they are told that you can get COVID even with a jab, and that you have to wear a mask, when we were told the vaccine is how we get our lives back?

Navy sets guidelines for sailors who refuse COVID-19 vaccine

The U.S. Navy has announced how it plans to discipline sailors who refuse to comply with the COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

Sailors who don’t get vaccinated and aren’t approved for an exemption have until Nov. 28 to get fully vaccinated, while those in the selected reserve have another month. The deadline is technically two weeks prior to that because sailors are not considered fully inoculated until 14 days after the completion of the dosage.

The Navy established the COVID Consolidated Disposition Authority (CCDA) to oversee the administrative discharge process for the sailors who refuse the vaccine, according to a statement.

The guidelines state that “administrative action may begin as soon as a Navy service member meets the definition of ‘refusing the vaccine,’” describing such a service member as one “who received a lawful order to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, is not or will not be fully vaccinated on the date required by the order, and does not have a pending or approved exemption request.”

Moving forward, sailors who refuse the vaccine are not allowed to be promoted, “reenlist, or execute orders, with the exception of separation orders, until the CCDA has completed disposition of their case.”

Any sailor who is forced out of the Navy will not receive anything lower than a general discharge under honorable conditions, which could result in the loss of some veterans’ benefits.

They would still keep all their VA and other benefits, the Navy could just be losing quite a bit of experience. And, supposedly, 98% of Navy members are on their way to being vaccinated, so they tell us. But

“The CCDA may also seek recoupment of applicable bonuses, special and incentive pays, and the cost of training and education for service members refusing the vaccine,” the statement added.

What will this do to recruitment?

Navy SEALs seeking religious exemptions to vaccine mandate facing intimidation and harassment, sources say

A growing number of U.S. Navy SEALs who are seeking a religious exemption to the Defense Department’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate are being threatened and, in some cases, harassed into submission, Fox News has learned.

A series of new directives by the Navy are promising severe punishment, including demotions, pay cuts and a ban on travel for SEALs, and other Navy service members, who do not comply with the vaccine mandate. For some SEALs who are in the process of seeking a religious exemption to the mandate, the process is nearly impossible to successfully complete to get a waiver, Fox News has been told.

Michael Berry, First Liberty Institute’s general counsel and Lt. Col. U.S. Marine Corps Reserve, who is representing approximately 34 active-duty SEALs and two reservists, told Fox News that the Navy’s new directives are illegal and infringe upon an individual’s First Amendment freedoms.

“Purging our military of its elite servicemembers is detrimental to national security. Doing so because the Commander in Chief refuses to accommodate their religious convictions is abhorrent to the Constitution. Their years of experience and leadership in service to our nation is immeasurable and irreplaceable,” Berry told Fox News.

Going after the best of the best, people who cannot easily be replaced, not at full standards. Good move!

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Insurrection? Climate Cultists Tazed, Arrested For Entering Department Of The Interior

That’s what we’re supposed to call this, right? The DOJ will be all over this, hunting down these people who broke into the DOI, right? It’ll be all over the news, right?

Looks like insurrection to me, by the Dems definition

Hundreds arrested during ongoing climate protests around DC

Demonstrators with climate change-focused protest groups turned out around the District Thursday, with large banners and fake oil, as part of ongoing protests against a perceived lack of action on the issue of climate change.

The Extinction Rebellion protest is one of many in a weeklong string of climate protests that have led to more than 300 arrests so far this week.

Demonstrators hoisted banners and sprayed fake oil onto the façade of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce building, which houses one of the largest lobbying groups in the United States. The banners depicted sayings, such as “Welcome to the chamber of climate chaos” and “Your business costs the Earth.” (snip)

Similar protests were held at government buildings around D.C., including the Department of the Interior.

So, they assaulted a privately owned building, as well. The DOJ will be strict on prosecuting them, right? Has anyone checked on AOC to see if she is traumatized? This is worse then 9/11, right? They’re terrorists, right? Here’s the Washington Post

Police And Climate Activists Hurt In Clashes At Interior Dept.

I was hoping I could find this article at Yahoo News, because it is behind the paywall, no luck, but, suffice to say, this is Very Bad because police were hurt during this insurrection. And, apparently, they are going to do it again today. D.C. Mayor Bowser and Nancy Pelosi are going to call in the National Guard, right?

They are demanding Biden stop approving fossil fuel projects and declare a national climate emergency at a time when scientists say the world must sharply cut greenhouse gas emissions. Those protesting this week have said they believe he has not delivered on climate-related campaign promises.

Will they be at the White House today? Might not matter since Brandon is going to be leaving this morning for several fossil fueled flights to and from Connecticut. Also, you know they aren’t all from D.C. How did so many of them travel to D.C.? Fossil fueled flights and vehicles, perhaps?

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If All You See…

…is an area flooded by carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is The First Street Journal, with a post on the increase in breakthrough Chinese coronavirus infections.

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Kamala Harris Apparently Promised To Protect An Illegal Alien Family

The Constitution give Congress the power “To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization” in Article I, Section 8, as well as to “repel invasions.” Congress has passed numerous laws regarding illegal immigration, including ones that penalize those who give aid and shelter to illegals. The Executive Office is tasked with upholding and enforcing those laws, and takes an oath to do so. So, what are we to think of this?

I Met With Vice President Harris, and She Promised to Protect My Undocumented Family

For my mom, my safety and my future have always felt more valuable than her own. She has often told me that if I were to become a US citizen that will be enough for her, even if it means she remains undocumented. All the nights spent worrying about my future and about whether she made the right choice to seek a better life for our family here would feel lighter knowing that, at the very least, her child could live a stable life as a citizen.

Your mom could have emigrated legally to the U.S. She chose not to in violation of U.S. law.

But as I’ve come to learn, stability for me cannot be possible without stability for my entire family. Even if DACA were to remain in place, it continues to exclude people like my parents, leaving them vulnerable to the threat of deportation. That’s why, two months ago, when I walked into the White House to meet with Vice President Kamala Harris, I carried with me a vision for what a safe, stable life for my family and millions more just like ours, can look like. It was during that meeting that I shared with the Vice President that I am pregnant with my first child. As she listened to me share what citizenship would mean for me and my family, she made a promise to fight for all of us and to keep my family together.

Let’s think on this: the Vice President voluntarily met with people who are unlawfully present in the United States. These people are, by law, criminals. Yet, she did nothing. Under the law they should have been detained and, pending a hearing, deported. Because few qualify for any sort of status. So, Kamala broke federal law. Of course, nothing will happen to her. Unlike, say, if you were knowingly employing an illegal, and you would go to jail.

Much like my mother has done for me, I know with certainty that I would do anything to keep my baby safe. But keeping my baby safe means ensuring he can grow up in a home where he won’t have to worry about his mom or grandparents being deported. It means living a life where he won’t have to bear the weight of keeping our family afloat financially because employment has never been a certainty for his undocumented loved ones. It means a life where citizenship for his family isn’t simply a dream, but a reality.

We keep being told that the children should not be penalized for the criminal actions of the parents. Shouldn’t someone pay? Apparently not, according to the illegals.

Vice President Harris has the power to deliver citizenship for my family and millions more just like ours if she commits to following through on her word by any means necessary. That day in the White House with her, Vice President Harris looked in my eyes and promised she would fight for me. She would fight for my undocumented parents. And she would fight to keep my family together.

So, you come illegally, and now you’re demanding citizenship? I wonder what Susie Lujano would think if people started camping out on her lawn. Or her living room. Would she demand they be removed?

In moments of pain and trauma – moments where undocumented lives continue to be put on the line – we have always proven our resilience and our power. But our resilience to fight against anti-immigrant attacks is just as much an indication of our courage and commitment to protecting our communities as it is a reminder that our country’s immigration system is, by design, built to hurt us..

You’re not a victim. You’re a criminal. The immigration system was designed to control our borders, not hurt you specifically. You could have gone through the legal process, like so many. You chose to do it the wrong way.

DACA is not enough. Citizenship for just immigrant youth is not enough. To truly deliver on her promise to protect immigrant communities and to fight for my family, Vice President Harris must use her power to deliver an expansive and inclusive pathway to citizenship. At the end of my meeting with Vice President Harris, she turned to me to take a photo, sharing that this picture was her gift to me and my baby and that she would work hard to make sure my family would never be separated. This photo will forever be a reminder of whether or not Vice President Harris fulfills that promise.

What’s the recourse in charging Harris with multiple violations of U.S. immigration law? There’s one set of laws for the citizens, and one for the Elites.

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Surrender Joe Admin Wants Wind Turbines Along Entire Coast

Brandon won’t give up his own use of fossil fuels, but, he sure seems intent on spoiling the view at the beach everywhere

Biden’s bold offshore wind energy plans face long bureaucratic road ahead

Interior Secretary Deb Haaland announced on Wednesday that her office will identify and eventually lease much of the U.S. coastline — from the Gulf of Mexico to the Northeast, California and Oregon — for offshore wind farms by 2025.

“The Interior Department is laying out an ambitious road map as we advance the administration’s plans to confront climate change, create good-paying jobs and accelerate the nation’s transition to a cleaner energy future,” Haaland said.

Combined with previous actions under President Biden to move forward on approving offshore wind projects already proposed, the New York Times described Biden’s effort as “the most forceful push ever by [the] federal government to promote offshore wind development.”

But before the United States can actually replace all of its coal- and gas-fired power plants, a few things will have to happen. And even if the decade-long, multi-step process of developing the offshore leases plays out unimpeded, Biden’s offshore wind plans will account for a modest share of the nation’s ravenous appetite for electricity.

It’s hilarious that Ben Adler, “senior climate editor” for Yahoo News, calls our energy use “ravenous.” Because Yahoo uses a lot of energy. Also, noting that offshore wind won’t account for all that much power. As we learned from Cape Wind, the power production is way, way less than promised.

Past efforts to build offshore wind turbines have sometimes come into conflict with local residents who raise aesthetic objections and businesses who worry about negative effects such as damage to fisheries. So the Bureau of Ocean and Energy Management (BOEM), which is part of the Department of Interior, first determines what areas are going to be leased through meetings and gathering public comments.

“Fishermen, coastal communities, marine commerce vessels, Coast Guard, Department of Defense, offshore wind developers and state governments all have a role to play in these task forces,” Vaughan explained. “BOEM winnows down the potential areas based on those conflicts, like really hot fishing spots, for example.”

And will they listen when people complain?

Before wind farm developers can actually start building, there are also state government permits, and multiple opportunities for anyone opposed to bring a lawsuit. One project off the coast of Massachusetts that received approval earlier this year is now being sued by neighbors who say it will harm whales, a coalition of fishing industry groups and — in what would seem like a joke about hypocritical rich environmentalists if it weren’t true — a solar company executive who has previously opposed offshore wind farms in the area because they would obstruct his home’s ocean view.

And you will get lawsuits from environmentalists for a variety of reasons, as they are wont to do, jamming up the works.

As one might expect, the installation and maintenance of wind turbines in the ocean is more expensive than on land. Whereas wind is the cheapest way to add energy capacity in the Great Plains, offshore wind still tends to be more expensive than natural gas.

So, then why not use natural gas? Seems like a wise decision. Oh, right, these people are doomsday cultists. Let them pay the higher energy costs, see how they like it.

“It starts with federal research and consultation, with having the lease auctions, environmental impact analysis, community outreach and building up the supply chain,” Greene, of the Natural Resources Defense Council, said. “There’s all of these pieces, and we need to get the industry going as fast as it can.”

What’s humorously ironic is that the Warmists will be impeded by the same bureaucratic Big Government red tape for this pet project as citizens and private companies have to deal with. Let’s slap a few wind turbines up near Joe’s house, see how he enjoys them.

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Good News: Mayor Pete, Also Known As Sec Of Transportation, Has Been On Paid Leave Since August

Let me ask: have you ever taken a job and then put on paid leave 8 months in? Perhaps if you were hurt on the job, but, no, because you chose to do do something? Usually, we think it’s a good thing when government workers take long breaks, because that’s less time for them to mess up the lives of citizens. Not when there’s a big supply chain issue and it involves transportation

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg on Paid Leave Since Mid-August amid Supply Crisis

As cargo ships congested at U.S. ports, creating an unprecedented supply-chain crisis, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was on paid leave to spend time with his husband, Chasten, and their two newborn babies.

After weeks of people questioning Buttigieg’s whereabouts as crisis after crisis mounted, Politico’s West Wing Playbook confirmed on Thursday that the transportation secretary was “lying low.”

“They didn’t previously announce it, but Buttigieg’s office told West Wing Playbook that the secretary has actually been on paid leave since mid-August to spend time with his husband, Chasten, and their two newborn babies,” Playbook reported.

A spokesperson for the Department of Transportation confirmed that Buttigieg was “mostly offline” throughout this tumultuous time period.

“Pete’s been a key member of the team since Day One, and has been critical as we shepherd the President’s agenda across the finish line,” an official told Politico. “We’re overjoyed for him and Chasten, and believe every American should have access to paid family leave.”

Paid leave for a new job that has lasted for two months, when he really should be doing his job. Why couldn’t they have done this before the election? Before starting the job after Biden took office?

This past Wednesday, Buttigieg reportedly attended a “high-profile meeting” with President Joe Biden to discuss the ongoing supply chain crisis that will likely result in empty shelves at major and small retail outlets this holiday season  – a prospect resulting in the hashtag #EmptyShelvesJoe trending on Twitter Thursday.

FLASHBACK: Biden blamed food shortages under Trump in 2020 on ‘lack of leadership’

President Joe Biden is being slammed on social media for clips circulating online from the 2020 campaign trail in which he blamed food shortages on failed leadership from then-President Donald Trump.

“We don’t have a food shortage problem — we have a leadership problem,” then-candidate Biden said in May of 2020 during a virtual town hall while blaming Trump for food shortages during the coronavirus lockdowns.

“We have plenty of food,” Biden added. “It’s being plowed under. You’ve got– you’re euthanizing cattle and pigs. They’re out there making sure that they’re pouring thousands of gallons of milk into the ground. It’s not a food shortage. It’s a lack of leadership– a lack of leadership.”

They couldn’t get a lot of goods to market because of state lockdowns, not federal government lockdowns. Primarily in Democrat states. But, we should start with blaming China for all this. It’s what you do to respond. What’s Joe doing? He walked away from questions again yesterday on the subject.

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New Guitar: Epiphone Les Paul Studio

Been wanting a new guitar for a long, long time. I’ve had the same Squier Strat for well over a decade, and just wanted something new, a little less fret buzz. I do have an old Carlos acoustic, from like early 80’s, still, shockingly, works perfect for what was a cheap guitar, really do not get string buzz. Also, a very old JB Player Telecaster style with two single pickups and a humbucker, set up to get the best of dual coil and sound like a Strat. But, the Kahler locking tremolo is hosed. Think it needs new springs. Not easy or cheap to fix or replace. Neck is still in good shape, but, the cable input to hook up to an amp is messed up.

I’ve actually been looking at Schecter, I like the style and feel, particularly the Omens and Demons. Was leaning towards this one, red or black. One nice thing is they have 24 frets, rather than the 21 on a Fender/Squier, so, a little easier to play for someone with smaller hands. Plus, the back of the neck is smooth, like Fender/Squier and Gibson/Epiphone. Never been a big fan of Jackson or Ibanez because of that neck issue, I find them rather tacky, can’t move up and down the neck.

BC Rich is nice, just, expensive. And they are heavy. Had a Warlock back in the day. Stores never seem to have Dean, Kramer, or Yamaha in stock. PRS is good, but, again, expensive.

Anyhow, almost no one has Shecter in stock right now. Heck, not a lot of anything. A base model Fender strat has gone from $699 to $799 because of the wood issues. Started looking at Epiphone, walked into Guitar Center, a couple models on my mind, because I want to hold it and play it, not order online, ended up with

The Studio Gold in white or red had been the one I was leaning towards. I knew a Classic Worn was on big time back order, same with the Muse, the Studio was on that list. They had black and red, I liked the red, and, for $120 off list, couldn’t resist. Very smooth. Slight buzz on the low E, but, not enough to bothersome, especially for the price. If I wanted perfection I’d be spending $900 or more for an Epiphone. The Gibson version of what I got is $1,600. I just play at home, so, this works. Getting back some of the dexterity and speed I lost when I broke my thumb.

What do y’all play for instruments, if you do?

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