Growing Avocados In Italy Means Climate Crisis Doom Or Something

Did you know that tomatoes, delicious, delicious tomatoes (I do love tomatoes) originated in the Andes? Coffee in Ethiopia? Lettuce in the Mediterranean area? Grapes from the Middle East? Chocolate in Mexico? Potatoes in Peru?

What growing avocados in Sicily tells us about climate change and the future of food

At the fertile foothills of Mount Etna, Andrea Passanisi surveys his avocado grove under Sicily’s blue skies. He started growing the tropical fruit in what used to be his grandfather’s vineyard and, helped by the warming climate, is now sending his produce across Europe.

Passanisi discovered a love for avocados on a trip to Brazil as a teenager two decades ago, and decided on his return home to experiment with growing them in Sicily. Abandoning plans to become a lawyer, he converted his grandfather’s land and started to farm avocados as well as passion fruit and lychees, alongside longstanding lemon trees. (snip)

Climate change is shifting the frontiers of where food is grown as farmers and agricultural businesses adapt to warmer temperatures around the world. While in some regions heat and drought are threatening the cultivation of certain crops, raising food security concerns, in others, the warming climate has allowed growers to cultivate new crops and varieties which in previous decades would have been difficult to produce profitably. (snip)

The 37-year-old is among several growers in Sicily turning to tropical fruits. Global warming has sparked a 1C increase in the island’s temperature over the past 30 years, according to Francesco Viola, associate professor at the University of Cagliari, who has researched the island’s climate and the Mediterranean ecosystem.

Many farmers in Italy are grappling with a heatwave, after temperatures hit 45C in parts of the south of the country in June, part of a long-term shift, says Ettore Prandini, president of Coldiretti, Italy’s farmers union. “Every year we see longer periods with high intense temperature and tropical weather,” he says.

From the mangoes, avocados and bananas that grow alongside oranges and lemons in the south to olive oil from trees growing in the Alpine mountains in the north, the frontiers of crops in Italy are shifting, says Prandini. Italian farmers have seized “the opportunities, as evidenced by the arrival of the first tropical fruit crops in Sicily and the cultivation of olive trees in the Alpine valleys in Lombardy,” he says.

This is all your fault. Your fossil fuels addiction means that things can be grown in other areas of the world, which never happened before.

CNN is also getting silly

Chef says climate change can be tackled if you cook the way your momma (really) did

Sigh. Can’t these people just mind their own f’ing business?

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If All You See…

…is a rising sea causing problems for animals which should not be eaten, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is The Right Scoop, with a post on a Typical Unhinge Dem going after Tucker Carlson in person.

It’s ladies in nature week.

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Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup

Patriotic Pinup Edward Runci

Happy Sunday! Another gorgeous day in the Once and Future Nation of America. The Sun is shining, the lizards are all over my back deck, I’m loving my new TV (maybe I’ll throw a review up soon. Glad I didn’t get the previous model last year). This pinup is by Edward Runci, with a wee bit of help.

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As always, the full set of pinups can be seen in the Patriotic Pinup category, or over at my Gallery page (nope, that’s gone, the newest Apache killed access, and the program hasn’t been upgraded since 2014). While we are on pinups, since it is that time of year, have you gotten your “Pinups for Vets” calendar yet? And don’t forget to check out what I declare to be our War on Women Rule 5 and linky luv posts and things that interest me.

Don’t forget to check out all the other great material all the linked blogs have!

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Progressives Still Pushing Hard For COVID Passports

At this point, how good are they? It’s like masking: most didn’t require the masks until months and months after the Chinese Flu started raging. Not that masks made any difference, and may have made it worse since people felt they could get closer. Progressives (nice Fascists) won’t give up on ideas, though

California bars start demanding proof of vaccinations as Delta surges. Will vax requirements spread?

Every American bargoer knows the ritual: Flash a valid ID at the door to prove you’re old enough to enter.

But as the hypercontagious Delta variant drives yet another nationwide surge in COVID cases, hospitalizations and deaths, more and more customers — particularly in California — are now being required to show an additional document: their COVID-19 vaccination card.

And those who can’t are being turned away.

“We just started it because it’s clear that there’s just a segment of the population that is not vaccinated,” Janet Clyde, the owner of San Francisco’s Vesuvio Cafe, told SFGate this week. “And really until this settles down, I think it’s definitely safer for our staff and our clientele if we limit the indoors to people who have proof of vaccination.”

For months and months the bars in San Francisco (and LA and NYC, which are mentioned in the story, with bars either going to requiring or thinking about it) worked without vaccine passports/proof of vaccination. Now they want it? Which is interesting, considering that most of the vaccines have low rates of stopping people from getting the Indian, er, sorry, Delta variant. Pfizer is about 39% effective. Moderna is not much better. Astra Zenica is about 65%, but, that is used in Europe. So, people can still get it, it’s just that the chance of people getting really sick is low.

We need COVID-19 mandates to reach herd immunity. Start by requiring vaccine proof to fly.

America is at a COVID-19 crossroads. For the first time since the highly effective vaccines became widely available in the spring, the new case rate is back on the rise due to the spread of the more contagious delta variant and the stalled effort to vaccinate people in many parts of the country.

According to medical experts, reaching herd immunity will require that 70% to 90% of the U.S. population be fully vaccinated. But despite having enough vaccines available to inoculate every eligible American age 12 and up, just under 50% of the U.S. population is fully vaccinated.

President Joe Biden and COVID czar Jeff Zients deserve tremendous credit for making the COVID-19 vaccines widely available and bringing focus and discipline to the White House pandemic dysfunction they inherited from former President Donald Trump. But a reliance on incentives and awareness can only get us so far, especially when some irresponsible politicians have been stoking vaccine skepticism and outright hostility.

These were the same people who said Operation Warp Speed, spearheaded by Donald Trump and his people, would fail, and that we wouldn’t have vaccines for at least a year or two.

To get to herd immunity within a reasonable time frame, the Biden administration is going to need to add to its arsenal some targeted vaccine mandates — and the obvious first step is to require proof of vaccination when embarking on an airplane.

Why are liberals taking fossil fueled flights in the first place?

Nowhere in the Constitution’s Bill of Rights will conservatives find a right to infect others with a deadly disease. In addition to defending our civil liberties, government is responsible for promoting the general welfare and protecting citizens from harm. No rational person considers requiring a license to drive a car or fly a plane a form of tyranny.

As usual, Progressives, and both the authors are hardcore Progressives, are misreading the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, which are all against the federal government doing Authoritarian things.

That’s why it is deeply unpatriotic for anti-vaxxers to feed the public misinformation about the efficacy and safety of vaccines. It’s also reckless. More than 99% of people dying from COVID-19 are unvaccinated, according to Surgeon General Vivek Murthy.

When Progressives talk about patriotism, watch your freedom. Because they want to shut it down. And this is pushing for government censorship. Making vaccination status mandatory on airplanes is just a step towards a national mandate. Remember, we were all flying before on the planes with no vaccines, shoved in like sardines as normal, sitting right next to each other. And they all said it was perfectly safe.

Canada’s vaccine passport won’t come until December, at the earliest

Leaked presentations reveal that Canada won’t have a national Covid-19 vaccine passport system until December 2021, at the earliest. A total lack of national infrastructure, however, means that could be delayed even further.

The internal PowerPoint presentation, prepared by the Treasury Board of Canada, reveals that even more than a year after the global pandemic hit, Canada still lags other countries in developing a system to issue and recognize proof of immunity to Covid-19.

What would be the point in implementing one 5 months from now, at the earliest? Other than more governmental control? Might Canadians protests? People in France went ballistic Saturday over the passage of vaccine mandates and passports. Germany is divided on doing what France did. Maryland is considering implementing a passport system. I still say you should get the vaccine, but, if you don’t that’s on you. If you want to be out and about and take the chance, that’s your decision. Government shouldn’t be the ones making it for you.

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Hotcold Take: Sometimes A Highrise Is Better Than A Park

Climate cult crazy alert!

Sometimes a High Rise Is Better Than a Park
The best thing New York and other cities can do for the climate is to let more people live there.

“Let”? This is America. If I want to move to a big city like that I can.

Climate change is hitting home everywhere. Just in the last few weeks, extreme heat, floods, and fires have all come to look like part of the new abnormal, and few places are safe. New York is issuing air quality alerts because of wildfires some 3,000 miles west.

Tell California, Oregon, and Washington to do 180’s on their horrible policies which lead to those fires.

Climate policy, too, is increasingly personal, and there’s nothing quite as personal as housing policies—where we live, and how.

Or, you could mind your own f’ing business. Don’t get involved with Other People’s choices.

It’s clear that city living cuts carbon—by around 50% relative to living in suburbia. If cities are part of the answer to climate change, then of course we should be enabling more people to live there. The pandemic flight to the suburbs might have been woefully exaggerated, but cities do have work to do. Task number one: build more housing.

Um, there are lots of studies which say cities are worse for anthropogenic climate change, but, really, this is about trying to force people into overpriced, heavy government handed big cities.

It’s not ideal to trade green space for housing. But more and better housing in cities demands just this kind of tradeoff. Nobody will be deprived of access to green space because of this development. There are two parks within a 2-minute radius of the Elizabeth Street Garden: one that’s tiny but has a mighty playground, the other that’s almost 8 acres, with four play gyms and two soccer fields. They’re also open after 6 p.m., when the organization running Elizabeth Street Garden locks the gates. The proposed development, meanwhile, includes around 6,600 square feet of open outdoor space. Moreover, the garden rezoning has already passed City Council and is now subject to additional lawsuits; the Soho/Noho rezoning has yet to pass.

Those would be green spaces where you do not want to go after dark, because of the extreme criminality. But, seriously, these people are nuts.

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If All You See…

…is a mask needed to fight off diseases which are made worse by ‘climate change’, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is Jo Nova, with a post on The Great Barrier Reef having more coral than ever recorded.

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Wake County Canvassing Areas With Low COVID Vaccination Rates

I’ve mentioned this already, but, this throws a bit of confusion in how this is all working

Health care workers to canvass Wake neighborhoods for door-to-door vaccines

The Wake County Health Department is expanding its effort to bring COVID-19 vaccines directly to families by administering vaccinations in select areas.

Healthcare workers with WakeMed Physician Practices are now on standby to administer free shots to eligible residents who would like one. With COVID-19 cases on the rise in the state and throughout the country, WakeMed teams are trying to increase the vaccination rate by canvassing neighborhoods to administer first and second doses right at home.

The program uses Census tract data to find areas in the county where vaccination rates are low. Healthcare experts will be available to talk to residents and answer questions they have about the vaccine.

So, are there certain areas with lower vaccination rates? But, how did they get that information to start with? The only way to know is to compare the roll of those in Wake County who got the vaccine with those who didn’t. Under what legal authority is this being done, considering these are private medical records being combed and shared. Or is Wake County just assuming low rates in certain neighborhoods? Did WRAL bother doing any reporting?

(CBS17) Frustrated with some segments of the population not getting the COVID-19 vaccines, Wake County is now expanding its efforts to get shots to more people. (snip)

But, even getting people to come to the pop-up neighborhood clinics can be frustrating. So this week, Wake County began sending what it calls “strike teams” to neighborhoods bringing the vaccines door-to-door.

At Kingsborough Estates in southeast Raleigh crews found it no easy task to convince folks to take the shot. (snip)

The neighborhood is in an area where vaccination rates are hovering around 30 percent compared to elsewhere in the county where the rate is between 70 to 80 percent.

How do they know this data? Who gave them the authority to do this? How about giving it to the people who are coming door to door? Or, are they just assuming a low rate in a Latino dominated area?

(News and Observer) Wake County is using census tract data to identify neighborhoods with low vaccination rates, then sending canvassers who go door-to-door to ask people if they want to get the vaccine.

They offer first and second doses of the Pfizer vaccine.

If the person agrees to a first dose, the team will schedule their next shot in three weeks.

Does this violate privacy laws and HIPAA? Where’s the legal authority? Maybe they have it. Perhaps they are simply comparing captured address data, rather than looking at personal data, and just going to every door. We don’t know. Personally, I think everyone who can get the shot should get it. That’s my opinion. Why? Because if I get COVID it will, most likely, be mild

Vaccinated people make up 75% of recent COVID-19 cases in Singapore, but few fall ill

Vaccinated individuals accounted for three-quarters of Singapore’s COVID-19 infections in the last four weeks, but they were not falling seriously ill, government data showed, as a rapid ramp-up in inoculations leaves fewer people unvaccinated.

While the data shows that vaccines are highly effective in preventing severe cases, it also underscores the risk that even those inoculated could be contagious, so that inoculation alone may not suffice to halt transmission.

Of Singapore’s 1,096 locally transmitted infections in the last 28 days, 484, or about 44%, were in fully vaccinated people, while 30% were partially vaccinated and just over 25% were unvaccinated, Thursday’s data showed.


Israel says Pfizer Covid vaccine is just 39% effective as delta spreads, but still prevents severe illness

Pfizer and BioNTech’s Covid-19 vaccine is just 39% effective in Israel where the delta variant is the dominant strain, but still provides strong protection against severe illness and hospitalization, according to a new report from the country’s Health Ministry.

The efficacy figure, which is based on an unspecified number of people between June 20 and July 17, is down from an earlier estimate of 64% two weeks ago and conflicts with data out of the U.K. that found the shot was 88% effective against symptomatic disease caused by the variant.

However, the two-dose vaccine still works very well in preventing people from getting seriously sick, demonstrating 88% effectiveness against hospitalization and 91% effectiveness against severe illness, according to the Israeli data published Thursday.

Those stories are repeated all over the place, including here in the States. People with the vaccine getting infected, but, most are not getting that sick. Not all, mind you. There have been plenty of deaths, but, for me, it’s worth it to avoid getting COVID/not getting sicker than a mild cold. Remember, I signed up immediately after it was announced that essential workers were eligible, and had my first shot within a week.

Some actual journalism would be nice, though.

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“Capitalism Is A Daily Disaster” For ‘Climate Change Or Something

Remember, these people are just all about the science, this has nothing to do with politics and sociology and authoritarianism and stuff. Jacobin Magazine, which “is a leading voice of the American left, offering socialist perspectives on politics, economics, and culture” chimes in to say you’re crazy for thinking this isn’t about the science

Climate Doom Won’t Save the Planet

It’s another summer of climate dread. Earlier this month, Lytton, British Columbia hit 121 degrees Fahrenheit — the hottest temperature ever recorded in Canada. In Oregon, the Bootleg “megafire” — one of eighty fires currently raging in the West — is still only 30 percent contained after two weeks. The size of Los Angeles, it is “hot enough to create [its] own weather, [including] tornado-like winds that can tear trees apart and dismantle power lines.” Those in the Eastern US are experiencing the effects: hazy skies, air quality warnings, and unnerving red sunsets (more akin to a galaxy far, far away). Outside North America, unprecedented floods have killed hundreds in Europe and thirty-three in China.

Except, as we learn, every single one of those fires were either from lightning, which has always happened, or human activity like arson or poor control of transmission lines, made worse by more forest control. Not a slight increase in the Earth’s average temperature.

Climate dread isn’t just a cascade of bad weather — it’s the familiar feeling of seeing droughts, fires, heatwaves, and storms grow worse year after year as the political class sits on its hands. While Joe Biden talks the talk on climate, his aspirational infrastructure “American jobs plan” falls far short of the investment needed to meet his ambitious targets. Administration officials John Kerry and Janet Yellen act as if it’s the 1990s by claiming “markets not government” and “private capital” are the keys to addressing the crisis.

So now it’s “climate dread”, not climate anxiety? Except, none of those things are growing worse. That last line almost seems like Jacobin wants to push Government control

Yet to read any headlines today is to realize that no amount of knowledge of the reality of climate change has spurred the necessary action. The climate struggle remains mostly not about knowledge, but about who controls production and energy investment. Even while oil and gas companies finally claim to “believe science” and announce targets to reach “net zero” emission by 2050, the Biden administration has quietly approved existing oil and gas drilling leases at a pace comparable with Trump.

The production part isn’t referring specifically to fossil fuels companies, but, to all rich people. To the producers. And that article wants to take power and money away from them.

Nevertheless, those experiencing acute climate disasters still form a minority — and thus experience of climate disaster is not yet a basis for mass action. In fact, if this group did form a majority, we would arguably be too late to stop climate breakdown.

As Ezra Klein recently noted, “there is a discordance between the pitch of the rhetoric on climate and the normalcy of the lives many of us live.” Recent polling suggests a stark 57 percent of Americans do not think climate change will harm them personally.

Put that one with all the pieces where the vast majority do not want to spend more than $1 or $10 a month of their own earnings on ‘climate change’. Doing Something is popular in theory, not practice.

Furthermore, it is quite a lot to expect from “frontline communities” to lead the struggle to save the planet. As some of the most marginalized and oppressed groups in society, their struggles for immediate survival will only fleetingly overlap with the planetary politics of climate change. And while their struggles are often waged directly against the same fossil capitalists that climate activists target, defeating these incredibly powerful corporations will take a much broader, mass movement.

Nope, not Modern Socialism, this is Science!!!!

There is an alternative. Instead of expecting climate mobilization to emerge from knowledge or experience of climate change, we should seek to orient climate action around the everyday material realities of the working class — the vast majority of society. Such an approach could build something the climate movement still lacks: a majoritarian political coalition with the power to confront fossil capital.

While more and more surely are experiencing climate disasters, for most working people the primary obstacle to survival is the daily struggle to afford the basics of life like food, electricity, rent, and health care. Capitalism is a daily disaster of lacking the most rudimentary needs for material security and human dignity.

That sounds like something out of the Marxist revolution which overthru the Russia oligarchy and replaced it with totalitarian system of the Union Of Soviet Socialist Republics.

And it is not as if these material needs are “distractions” from the climate crisis. Food, housing, energy, and transport are the key sectors we need to decarbonize. The problem is most climate policy technocrats tend to assume restructuring these sectors will increase (or “internalize”) costs through carbon taxes or fees. A working-class strategy would do the opposite by guaranteeing access to de-commodified goods.

Where does that money come from, because it would skyrocket costs. Punishing the major producers? It would keep the proletariat class from moving, since they wouldn’t be able to afford travel.

The Green New Deal represents a breakthrough in this respect — offering a climate program around public housing, a job guarantee, and, most recently, public power to, “establish electricity as a basic human right and public good.” Still, for this strategy to work, you have to deliver these material gains in the name of climate action.

So, nationalization of the power sector? Remember, this is totally not about politics.

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Yes, Sleepy Joe Does Want To Ban Handguns

Politifact tries to cover for Dementia Joe

From their Protecting The Precious screed

When President Joe Biden was asked in his Ohio town hall what he plans to do about rising homicides, House Republicans were quick to fire off a tweet to their followers.

“President Biden says he wants to ban handguns,” the House GOP account tweeted July 21.

The tweet included a video clip from the CNN town hall-style event where Biden was speaking. That clip doesn’t back up the GOP tweet, and the full transcript goes further to sink this claim. (snip)

“The idea you need a weapon that can have the ability to fire 20, 30, 40, 50, 120 shots from that weapon, whether it’s a 9-millimeter pistol or whether it’s a rifle, is ridiculous,” Biden said. “I’m continuing to push to eliminate the sale of those things.”

Those numbers Biden used apply to assault-style firearms and high-capacity magazines. As recently as June, when Biden rolled out his strategy to bring down murders, he said he wants to ban both.

Um, those lines from the transcript actually back up what the GOP stated, Politifact just showed that Joe said what the GOP said

THE PRESIDENT:  Now, I’m not being a wise guy.  There’s no reason you should — have you seen my gun violence legislation I’ve introduced?  As you know — because you’re so involved — actually, crime is down; gun violence and murder rates are up.  Guns.  I’m the only guy that ever got passed legislation, when I was a senator, that made sure we eliminated assault weapons.  The idea you need a weapon that can have the ability to fire 20, 30, 40, 50, 120 shots from that weapon — whether it’s a — whether it’s a 9-millimeter pistol or whether it’s a rifle — is ridiculous.

I’m continuing to push to eliminate the sale of those things, but I’m not likely to get that done in the near term.  So here’s what I’ve done: The people who, in fact, are using those weapons are acquiring them illegally — illegally.  And so what happens is, I’ve gotten ATF — Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms — I have them increase their budget and increase their capacity, along with the Justice Department, to go after the gun shops that are not abiding by the law of doing background checks.  (Applause.)  For real.  That’s number one.

Is this a case of Joe’s dementia shining through, his inability to think before speaking, or does he mean it? Because he sure mentioned a 9mm pistol or rifle (without distinguishing what type of rifle) as things he is going to continue to push to eliminate. And you can bet he’s going to work to drive firearms dealers out of business by investigating the hell out of them, because the vast, vast majority, probably 99%, do background checks for every gun they are supposed to done for. Rather than going after the criminals who have the guns illegally, the gang bangers and wanna-be’s, the “aspiring rappers”, and so forth, because Joe and the Dems do not want to cause problems in the high crime communities which tend to vote Democrat.

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Archaeology Could Help With Our Old Enemy ‘Climate Change’

Changes to the climate, which have been around long before Mankind arrived, is apparently an enemy. And, if you don’t support fighting it, you’re a Nazi. At least that’s why I get out of the photo used

You can’t tell me that either the cult writer, David Vetter, or someone at Forbes didn’t use this photo on purpose. From the link

The effects of man-made climate change are devastating communities around the world, and climate scientists warn that such extreme events will worsen as the world warms. But can we use the lessons of the past to gather vital clues about our future? A team of anthropologists and earth scientists believes we can.

Led by University of Montreal anthropologist Ariane Burke, a team of archaeologists, geographers and scientists in Canada, the U.S. and France this week highlighted the significance of a relatively new discipline: the archaeology of climate change.

The discipline uses data from archaeological excavations and the climate record to work out how humans dealt with their environment in the past. Writing in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Burke and her fellow authors noted that, although environmental transformation is taking place at a pace never seen before, humans have overcome similar challenges in the past. Archaeology, they write “offers opportunities to identify the factors that promoted human resilience in the past and apply the knowledge gained to the present, contributing a much-needed, long-term perspective to climate research.”

What caused the climate to change in the past? Before they started mucking with the actual data the 1930’s were hotter than today, and CO2 was a lot lower. People really didn’t have that many fossil fueled vehicles, nor AC, not TVs and smartphones and computers. Nor even fossil fueled commercial flights. What caused the climatic changes prior? The Medieval and Roman warm periods were warmer than the current one. What caused that?

The article goes into using old types of farming practices…you know, when there were all sorts of bugs and diseases on them, grew slower. Live like it’s 1099.

And it’s not just in agriculture that archaeology can teach us about climate adaptation strategies. Indigenous, community-based ranger groups in Australia have shown how traditional fire management strategies can hugely reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfires of the type currently devastating the western U.S. and Canada.

That has nothing to do with ‘climate change’. Ecology, maybe. Perhaps they could teach the idiot liberal moonbats on the west coast that the area is fire prone, has been for tens of thousands of years, and they are just making it worse.

Elsewhere, archaeologists such as Jennifer Pournelle at the University of South Carolina have argued that catastrophic climate events such sea level rise in Mesopotamia could have been the catalyst for a complete reorganization of society, leading to large-scale irrigation works which enabled the birth of the first cities. Other studies have demonstrated the role of climate change in the collapse of some of the world’s great empires, such as the Khmer Empire in Southeast Asia.

No fossil fuels then. No AC. No concrete or blacktop. What caused it? The Mesopotamia thing was 6,000 years ago.

“There is still hope,” she said. “People have been experimenting with solutions to climate change for millennia. Some of them faced conditions far worse than today but they survived and even flourished. We can look to the past for inspiration and for practical solutions to make informed decisions for the future.”

Yeah, they sacrificed people to the gods. Now they want to tax you and take away your freedom. But, if you fight against this you’re a Nazi.

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