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Democrats Like TV Shows About Damaged People

The Liberals may own the vast majority of the TV news programming, but, if you want a hit TV show? Aim it at Republicans According to months of data from leading media-research company Experian Simmons, viewers who vote Republican and identify themselves as conservative are more likely than Democrats to love the biggest hits on […]

Island To Be Destroyed By Climate Change. And Poo Infested Waters

Following the tried and true format, everything must be linked to globull warming, which must take primacy I was born in Rabi, but I now live in South Tarawa, which is home to 50,000 people – about half the total population of Kiribati. It wasn’t always like this – in the last 20 years, the […]

Happy Birthday, Marines! Donate To Project Valour IT On Their 235th!

A bit of Patriotic Pinup for these brave folks. (Sorry, female Marines, no can do on posting sexy male Marines for ya!) Make sure to donate to Project Valour IT Marines! Make sure to head on over Cassy Fiano’s site for more. She is the Marine Team Leader

Say, About That “Bush Wouldn’t Vote For Or Endorse McCain” Meme….

It’s pretty much mule fritters Former President George W. Bush is denying a report that he once said he would have endorsed Barack Obama in 2008 if the Democrat had asked. “This is ridiculous and untrue,” Bush spokesman David Sherzer told POLITICO. “President Bush proudly supported John McCain in the election and voted for him.” […]

Oh, Snap! Obama Officials Walk Back 2011 Afghanistan Exit Date

They are really unhappy about this in Liberal World, but, they should have known that the majority of Obama promises all come with an expiration date The Obama administration has decided to begin publicly walking away from what it once touted as key deadlines in the war in Afghanistan in an effort to de-emphasize President […]

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