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Elon Musk Is Latest To Realize The Democrats Are They Party Of Insanity

What’s the old saying about a Conservative being a liberal who got smacked by liberal policies? Elon Musk is just the latest American to realize how badly Democratic policies are faring Sky-high inflation, surging gas prices and constant chaos from the Biden administration seem to have disillusioned some everyday Democrats. Let’s call it the summer […]

Cheney Close To Being Booted From GOP Leadership Role

This has given CNN a case of the sads With Cheney’s impending ouster, the GOP chooses Trump over principle Former President Donald Trump promised to exact his revenge on Republicans who refused to go along with his election lies or turn a blind eye to his role in the January 6 insurrection. This week, Americans […]

The Original Reluctant Trump Voters Are Now Avid Supporters

How many in 2016 checked the box for Trump/Pence, more as a vote against Hillary Clinton than for Trump? Things have changed 2016’s Reluctant Trumpers Are 2020’s Avid Trumpers Four years ago, the media enjoyed covering the phenomenon of so-called Never Trumpers; Republicans who wouldn’t vote for Donald Trump. There was speculation that these voters, […]

British MP Refuses To Take Part In Unconscious Bias Training

Will other politicians in the U.K. join in on refusing to be part of brainwashing? How about politicians in other countries? Nice to see one with some cajones ‘All Our Thoughts Are Offensive and Should be Corrected’: Tory MP Refuses to Take ‘Unconscious Bias Training’ A leading Tory MP announced he will refuse to partake […]

“Armed Protesters” Protest Across The Country, Strangely, No Violence

Here’s from Raleigh (no, I didn’t go, had to help a friend at that time, and I wasn’t happy, as mentioned in posts, with bringing firearms, which mixes the message) Armed groups in downtown Raleigh protest virus-related restrictions A small group of demonstrators, some carrying guns, marched in downtown Raleigh Friday afternoon to protest coronavirus […]

This Is Fascism? Bannon Vows Trump Will “Deconstruct The Administrative State”

Even before Donald Trump was elected, people were referring to him as a fascist, an authoritarian, a dictator in waiting. Mind you, this wasn’t just coming from liberals and the liberal media: it also emanated from some right leaning folks, such as Glenn Beck. Since Trump was elected, the screeching has become stronger from the […]

Apparently, I’m A “Cuckservative” For Not Supporting Donald Trump

What is a Cuckservative? Let’s take a look at Wikipedia One definition of cuckservative is a conservative who sells out,[10] having bought into all of the key premises of the left,[11] and is enthralled with liberal values.[6] According towhite supremacist Richard B. Spencer, the president of the National Policy Institute which has been designated as […]

Ben Shapiro, Michelle Fields Resign From Breitbart

Does anyone watch Cutthroat Kitchen? I love that show, and the dry humor of the host Alton Brown. If you missed last night’s episode, it had this in the 2nd judging phase It's what #CutthroatKitchen's about. — Food Network (@FoodNetwork) March 14, 2016 That’s what so many at Breitbart have attempted to do, kill […]

Liz Mair To Ann Coulter: “You’re In No Way A Conservative”

An epic showdown between two politico wonks. On one side, you have Ann Coulter, who has seemed to relish going way over the line over the past few years, and has lost much of her charm among Conservatives. On the other, you have Liz Mair, Republican media consultant, who, let’s face it, has been attached […]

Tom Tancredo Explains Why He’s Quitting GOP

Tom Tancredo has long been a Conservative stalwart, with a lifetime rate of 99% per the American Conservative Union for his 10 years in office. He writes over at Breitbart that he is leaving the GOP In a panel discussion at the University of Colorado after the recent Republican debate, I was asked by a […]

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