Elon Musk Is Latest To Realize The Democrats Are They Party Of Insanity

What’s the old saying about a Conservative being a liberal who got smacked by liberal policies?

Elon Musk is just the latest American to realize how badly Democratic policies are faring

Sky-high inflation, surging gas prices and constant chaos from the Biden administration seem to have disillusioned some everyday Democrats.

Let’s call it the summer of their discontent: Are the optics of progressive policies just bad or are people finally seeing the fatal flaws in liberal ideas? I’d argue both.

Elon Musk announced last week on Twitter that he was no longer a Democrat.

“In the past I voted Democrat, because they were (mostly) the kindness party,” the billionaire wrote. “But they have become the party of division & hate, so I can no longer support them and will vote Republican…”

Musk could be a classic case of a liberal mugged by reality, or it could be a publicity stunt. But given his penchant for free speech and the free market, he might be finally realizing he’s actually more of a classical liberal, a political ideology that advocates for the free market, intact civil liberties, limited government, and economic and political freedom.

You don’t hear that term very often, except typically from those with political science degrees or have really studied. Most of the MAGA are really classical liberals, what is best described as Lockian theory from John Locke. Pretty much “the government that governs least governs best.” If it doesn’t hurt you why do you care, and certainly not care to have the government Do Something. It’s right smack in the middle of the political spectrum.

It’s about time Musk realized that while the average Tesla owner is a fifty-something, childless resident of California, the progressive ideas that have entrenched the Golden State aren’t actually good for the economy — or America overall. Freedom is America’s most important idea to protect and exhibit. While Republicans don’t do it perfectly, they at least embrace that principle first.

True that.

These feuds demonstrate that while liberal ideas look good on paper, they hurt average Americans, economically and socially. At the same time, conservative ideas look great on paper, but they can be hard to implement, especially when competing with huge spending.

Real ones aren’t. It’s basically “government, leave us alone.” Have you ever seen the episode of Futurama when Bender is floating in space and talks to God/The Universe/whomever? The part about taking a light touch, like a safe cracker

That’s what government should do. A light touch.

In the end, whether your hope was in the Biden administration, now wilting as quickly as your potted plant on the porch in the Texas summer heat, or you really liked Crenshaw and now think he might be a fake Republican, remember: Politics can’t be your religion and people, especially politicians, can’t be your gods.

No, they shouldn’t. They shouldn’t be celebrities, “rock stars”, etc. They should be public servants.

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