Daily Archives: November 25, 2010

Rule 5 Thanksgiving: Woman Wears Bikini To Airport

See, I’ve been saying this was a great idea (yes, she does show the bikini near the end) “I’m wearing my bikini,” Corinne Theile said as she unbuttoned her overcoat outside the terminal to reveal a black two-piece. “It’s not that I’m concerned, it’s that I feel like the TSA is making travelers feel uncomfortable, […]

What Say To Background Checks In Order To Skip Groping? ACLU Still Mostly Silent

I’m torn on this idea: on one hand, we have all had our backgrounds checked for one purpose or another, from applying for a credit card to applying for a job. On the other hand, those are all simply voluntary, and here you’ll have the government checking your background like you’re a criminal to see […]

Happy Thanksgiving Pinup!

And Happy Thanksgiving to each and all! Crossed at Right Wing News and Stop The ACLU. sit back and Relax. we’ll dRive!

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