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Today’s Outrage: Man To Auction Material Of First US Servicewoman Killed In Afghanistan War

Why is this an outrage? For sale: The funeral flag of the first U.S. servicewoman killed in Afghanistan. And her dog tag. And her military medals. Even the Gold Star banner given to her family after her death. The price: The Northwest Indiana businessman who now owns many of the late Marine Sgt. Jeannette Winters’ […]

London Gets Snow Again, After Predictions That This Was A Thing Of The Past

I blame YOU for failing to give up your modern lifestyle, causing the Earth to warm up from GHG and getting….cold? Londoners woke up to a thin dusting of snow amid reports that the “big freeze” could reach every part of Britain. Forecasters predicted that up to three inches (8cm) could fall on higher ground […]

Keith Olbermann Names Julian Assange Worst Person…Wait, What?

Keith’s first broadcast since the Wikileaks leak did quite a bit a harm to US diplomatic relations, Keith names……Bristol Palin the worst person in the world. Yes, Bristol Palin Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Are The Climate Alarmists Giving Up On CO2?

The Washington Post highlights the potential change in tactics by the alarmists (in order to continue on the path for more control of people and economies, along with redistribution of wealth, especially to their own pockets, ala Al Gore) Many policymakers and business leaders have come to see the most basic method of slowing global […]

Politico Explains How The NY Times Became Part Of The Maggot Mob

Do you know know what the maggot mob is? That is the nickname some celebrities use for the paparrazi, particularly the ones who look for the big shot, the one where a starlet flashes her panties, or something else. The one where the star is getting out of a car with a hooker. The one […]

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