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Almost At 1.5 Million Hits

OK, mateys, me needs a wee bit more than 2,200 hits as of posting time to hit 1.5 million. Can thou gettest me thar by the end of Saturday? I’ll buy ye a shiny unicorn powered by hope if ye do, what say? Do we have an accord, sea dogs?

DHS Shuts Down Copyrighted Material Websites

Remember back a few days ago, I mention the “Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act” passing the Senate judiciary committee? Well, apparently the Department of Homeland Security and their Immigration and Customs Enforcement unit doesn’t need any other stinking law. As Torrent Freak reports Following on the heels of this week’s domain seizure of a […]

New Alarmist TP: Global Warming Has Slowed Due To Pollution

Working overtime to support their collapsing science The latest figures from more than 20 scientific institutions around the world show that global temperatures are higher than ever. However the gradual rise in temperatures over the last 30 years is slowing slightly. Global warming since the 1970s has been 0.16C (0.3F) but the rise in the […]

Spain Learns That Solar Really, Really Needs Government Handouts

Apparently, without government money, solar power might not even be able to power its own life support The Spanish government has launched a new regulatory framework that will result in subsidized tariffs for ground-mounted solar energy projects drop 45% this year, killing future investment in the trade, which industry leaders expect will be frozen in […]

47 Words In ObamaCare Bill Could Cost Hospitals Millions

Perhaps there is a reason that bills should be read and thoroughly examined prior to putting them up for a vote? Partisan tensions on Capitol Hill are delaying efforts to fix an error in the federal health care law that could cost Children’s Hospital Boston and others like it millions of dollars in added drug […]

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