Daily Archives: November 1, 2010

Not Believing In Manmade Global Warming Is “Criminal”

Here we go again: Is climate science disinformation a crime against humanity? Although there is an important role for scepticism in science, for almost 30 years some corporations have supported a disinformation campaign about climate change science. It may be reasonable to be somewhat sceptical about climate change models, these untruths are not based upon […]

Voter Fraud Allegations Continue In North Carolina

Via Confederate Yankee, we find out In the North Carolina early voting, a growing number of Republican and Democrat voters reported that when they voted a straight Republican ticket, their votes were flipped to Democrat in North Carolina in numerous precincts by a default setting that came up and flipped the ballot to straight Democrat […]

Last Liberal Gasp Monday: Hurricane Winds And A Clueless Obama

With less than 24 hours left till the final voting for the 2010 midterm elections starts, and about 36 till Democrats realize how far their house of Greek cards has fallen, liberals are in a snit, starting with MSNBC, where they realize just how bad it is going to be: Poll suggests Dems will face […]

Last Liberal Media Gasp Day: A Reid Loss Could Reopen Nuke Debate

Politico must see the writing on the way, regarding Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, as the pull out a scary “if Sharron Angle wins” op-ed disguised as a straight story Opponents of a Nevada nuclear waste dump thought they’d finally managed to kill the Yucca Mountain project. Then came Sharron Angle. The tea party-backed […]

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