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Unicorns Are Missing In NYC – Has Anyone Called Obama?

You simply know that these folks must be Obama voters’ Typically, missing-animal posters encourage one to wonder: Have I ever seen that creature? In the case of one “missing” poster seen on the Upper West Side in New York earlier this month, the lost animal was not a puppy or someone’s cat. It was a […]

What’s Your Political News Score?

Take the Pew Political News IQ Quiz. I got…. 10 questions correct, which put me above 96% of the respondents. Would have gotten 1 more, but, apparently I picked something else instead of Android, which is a question I knew. Hmph.

Scientists Warn That Man Made Global Warming Causes Everything

Sigh Hungry polar bears gathering along the tundra, twice as many record-breaking temperatures and stronger hurricanes are among the latest signs of climate change, scientists say. And we can expect more rain, more drought and fiercer storms in the future if the world continues on its fossil-fuel gobbling track, they told reporters on a conference […]

Fred Upton Saying All The Right Things About Energy

You remember Fred, right? He’s the Republican that pushed through legislation to ban most incandescent light bulbs. Now, though Rep. Fred Upton told E2 Thursday that he would not steer a sweeping energy measure through the panel if he becomes chairman. 

That would be a sharp contrast to current Chairman Henry Waxman (D-Calif.), who moved […]

COICA Bill Passes Senate Judiciary Committee – A Good Idea Gone Government

The setup U.S. agencies and officials would get new powers to go after foreign websites that sell counterfeit goods and pirated music, movies and books under a bill passed on Thursday by the Senate Judiciary Committee. The bill, which supporters hope will set the stage for action next year, targets “rogue websites” in countries such […]

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